Pauline Mendoza gets her biggest break

    Pauline Mendoza

    After proving to be one of the GMA’s most promising actresses with her exemplary performance in “Kambal, Karibal” in 2017, Pauline Mendoza is ready to take things up a notch as she stars in her first leading role as Iris Salvador in “Babawiin Ko ang Lahat.”

    Pauline plays a woman whose perfect life is upended by the ghosts of the past in the form of her father’s first family in GMA’s “Babawiin Ko ang Lahat,” which airs beginning February 22.

    Born in comfort, Iris (Pauline) was raised like a princess, beloved by her parents – Victor (John) and Christine (Tanya) – who would do anything and everything to protect her, including from their own past. When Victor’s old flame Dulce (Carmina), together with her two children Joel (Kristoffer) and Trina (Liezel), comes barging in their lives unannounced and begins to take everything away that Iris holds dear to her heart – the young man she is interested in, the wealth that is rightfully hers, and the father she loves – she soon realizes that she must shed her innocence and learn how to fight against her own half-blood relations to regain the most important thing in her life: her family.

    Pauline acknowledges the pressure of topping the bill. “Hindi naman mawawala ‘yung pressure at kaba lalo na because this is my first time na mabigyan ng ganitong chance at opportunity ng GMA, and I’m very thankful for that. Mas na-challenge talaga ako dito kasi bawat eksena sobra ‘yung binibigay kong emosyon para sa character ni Iris.”

    The show does not solely revolve on her character, she says. Pauleen is ably supported by a powerhouse cast. “Lahat ng characters namin dito ay may kani-kaniyang pinagdadaanan at iba-ibang klaseng emosyon ang ibibigay nila. Kahit kami, excited kami na mapanood ang seryeng ito and to see kung paano namin na-execute and na-build ang aming characters.”
    Playing important roles in the life of Iris are: Carmina Villarroel as Dulce Espejo-Tanaka,

    Victor’s materialistic and conniving former lover who vows to take everything from the latter for the sake of her children; Tanya Garcia-Lapid as Christine Salvador, devoted wife of Victor and doting mother of Iris; Neil Ryan Sese as Inspector Jun, a police captain who is ready to take down whoever defames the Salvador family; Kristoffer Martin as Joel Espejo, the black sheep among the two children of Dulce and Victor but is also just a victim of his father’s absence in his life; Dave Bornea as Randall Madrigal, Trina’s ex-boyfriend and Iris’ childhood friend and admirer; Liezel Lopez as Trina Espejo, Dulce and Victor’s greedy daughter who envies her half-sister Iris to the extent of making the former’s life miserable; and John Estrada as Victor Salvador, CEO of Allegre-Salvador Farm and the loving yet protective patriarch of the Salvador family.

    Also starring are Therese Malvar as Lala, Iris’ loyal and bubbly confidante; Tanya Gomez as Menchie, Victor’s kind and supportive elder sister who has always been against Dulce; Gio Alvarez as Greg Madrigal, Randall’s father and Victor’s comrade; Manolo Pedrosa as Justin Roxas, Randall’s cousin who secretly fancies Iris; and with the special participation of Jett Pangan as Akira Tanaka, a Japanese-Filipino Yakuza boss and Dulce’s ex-husband; Jenine Desiderio as Tiya Elena Allegre, Christine’s strict and protective auntie; and Charee Pineda as Minnie, Dulce’s enabler and crony.

    This original series, created by the GMA Entertainment Group, is headed by SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Anthony R. Pastorpide, and Executive Producer Nieva S. Magpayo.