Ogie Introduces ‘Eydie Waw’ and ‘The Wawettes’


    Ogie Alcasid debuts his alter egos “Eydie Waw” and “The Wawettes” as his newest musical comic act in his novelty song “Maga Ako, Manas Ako” released under Star Music.

    “‘Maga Ako, Manas Ako’ is the theme song of those who have been stuck at home during quarantine. They can’t sleep so they eat at night. This is what Eydie Waw went through and he wants to tell this story with The Wawettes,” the singer-songwriter said.

    Ogie has been teasing the characters on his Instagram page for the past two weeks, posting transformation pictures of himself as Eydie Waw and Tracy, Berta, and Shannon of

    The Wawettes, much to the anticipation and amusement of his followers and friends in the industry.

    He also posted a picture of himself performing the song as Eydie Waw on the “ASAP Natin ‘To” stage with his wife Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Kim Chiu, and Zsazsa Padilla as The Wawettes.