‘Mornings with GMA Regional TV’


    From the producers of top-rating and award-winning newscast “Balitang Amianan” comes the pioneering morning show in North Central Luzon — “Mornings with GMA Regional TV” — airing weekdays at 8 a.m. beginning today, September 28.

    “Mornings with GMA Regional TV” is hosted by Ralph Guieb with Ara Hanesh. A proud Ilocano, Ralph started his career as a local TV host, and later transitioned to event hosting both in the Philippines and abroad. Meanwhile, Ara, who hails from Urdaneta, Pangasinan, is a local TV host, model, and beauty queen.

    “Mornings with GMA Regional TV” has the following segments: “Spotlight,” “BizTalk,” “Mangan Tila,” and “#MorningFeels.” Joining the show on its pilot week are Alden Richards, Tom Rodriguez, and movers and shakers in North Central Luzon.

    “’Mornings with GMA Regional TV’ is a product of the dedication and hard work of GMA Dagupan, GMA Ilocos, and the rest of GMA Regional TV teams in North Central Luzon,” says GMA Regional TV and Synergy Vice President and Head Oliver Amoroso. “We aim to give you, our valued Kapuso viewers, a well-produced morning program that highlights your stories and culture. This is part of our commitment to bring to our Kapuso in the regions the right information and inspiration.”