More of Katrina Velarde’s impressive performances in ‘SiKAT i2’

    Katrina Velarde
    Katrina Velarde

    She was introduced to the music world in February via “SiKat Ako” in February. This time, Katrina Velarde will let audiences know just what she is capable of, as she unleashes her vocal prowess in “SiKAT I2,” the follow-up concert happening this November 29 at the New Frontier Theater.

    The year 2019 has indeed been great for Katrina, with her having entered the radar of music aficionados here and abroad with her sheer talent and tone.

    Katrina, a bonafide online singing sensation. Dubbed as the “Suklay Diva,” sets herself apart from the vast majority of talents in the country because of her indefatigable gift.

    Her character – and her voice – had been honed by years and years of joining countless singing contests that when it comes to taking care of her pipes, the dictum is the less, the better.

    “Lalo syang nag iinarte,” she quipped when asked if she avoids eating sweets or drinking cold water to make sure her throat is in tip top shape.

    Katrina started off by joining countless of singing competitions until she uploaded videos of her doing precise impressions of famous international and local singers on her social media with a “suklay” in her hand.

    Said videos of Katrina doing those impressions, or homage to the singing greats, still trend every now and then on social media. The last one was on Instagram just a few weeks ago, proving that Katrina is an honest-to-goodness social media personality-cum-electrifying live performer that never fails to impress whether on social media or during live performances.

    For “SiKat i2,” expect more of those moments when Katrina hits those impossibly high notes. With the singer showing off her amazing control on those powerful pipes of hers, Katrina has been hailed as the heir apparent to her idol, Regine Velasquez.

    “I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath as hers,” she said, effusively.

    Katrina’s song “Tama Na” was a finalist in the recently held Awit Awards while her latest single, “Magkaibang Mundo,” is one of the theme songs of the blockbuster movie “Just a Stranger” which starred Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao. This ballad rose to the charts immediately after the movie’s release and peaked at the top five rankings on Spotify’s Philippine Viral 50.

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