MMFF viewers avoided drama films


    AS OF January 1, the total box office take of the ten entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival was a measly P19 million. The box office results of the online film fest certainly fail in comparison to the film festivals of yesteryears held in actual theaters before the pandemic. It’s way below the grosses of past film fests where they have already earned P500 million just by the first week of the festival.

    This is not surprising since the general populace is not really that tech savvy to quickly adapt to the new way of watching movies online, especially in the provinces where they don’t even have wi-fi.

    Also, Pinoy viewers are still hesitant when it comes to paying for what they’ll watch, since they’d rather access content they can watch for free on line on YouTube or downloadable from pirates.

    And mind you, one half of the P19 million was earned only by the best picture winner, “Fan Girl.” Number 2 is “Mang Kepweng.” Number 3 is “Boy Foretold by the Stars.” Number 4 is “Pakboys: Takusa.” Number 5 is “The Missing” and Number 6 is “Magikland.”

    The last four is shared by drama films “Isa Pang Bahaghari,” “Tagpuan,” “Coming Home” and “Suarez: The Healing Priest.” Looks like, online viewers really avoided drama films.