Manolo says injury taught him to appreciate ‘mistakes and failures’


    MANOLO Pedrosa bounces back after an injury that sidelined him for two years.

    The 21-year-old admitted the injury and recuperation were low points in his young life. He lost his self-esteem and gained weight. He gave up basketball and shunned the limelight.

    “I was supposed to do surgery but I opted for a natural way. Nag research, habits, gym. In a way, I was forced. It took me years to get into this shape,” he related.

    “I was as big as 250 and I’m now 180. Nag research talaga ko what’s the best diet, best workout and best gym for me. I am now on a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.”

    Now, he’s on the big and small screens. He is in the GMA series, “Inagaw na Bituin” with Kyline Aguilar. They are also paired in the movie, “Black Lipstick,” where Manolo plays the campus heartthrob that becomes the object of Kyline’s affection.

    The constant togetherness – on and off set – has made the two young stars close. Manolo admits he admires Kyline’s drive and her passion.

    “She’s really hard working, she’s really passionate. I’d really love to work with her more kasi nakakainspire that someone her age can be so hardworking and passionate about her craft,” he said.

    But for now, both stars would rather keep their relationship professional. Manolo said Kyline seems to be the type of girl who is focused on her career. He himself is bent on grabbing every opportunity that comes his way.

    “I find her attractive, yeah. But then I think she’s the type who wants to keep things professional. And I respect that,” explained Manolo, “Honestly ako rin. I don’t get into relationships agad agad and if I do, I have to know the person for a long time.”

    For now, he is happy to be paired with Kyline, who plays the lead in “Black Lipstick,” directed by Julius Alfonso and produced by Obra Cinema Film Production.

    In “Black Lipstick,” Kyline’s character is bullied and harassed because of her uneven skin tone. In school, she falls for Manolo, who plays the campus heartthrob. He only notices her when she gets magically transformed with the help of a “black lipstick,” given by a mysterious woman.

    Like Kyline’s character, Manolo experienced his own transformation. Like the character Ikay, he felt so disheartened and hopeless. But he did not rely on magic to become better.

    He researched and learned how to take care of his body better. In the middle of his ordeal, he also gained mental fortitude and recognized the value of hard times.

    “They are part of life – the ups and downs,” he said. “I’m starting to appreciate mistakes and failures because those allow you to really grow as a person, where we can really learn a lot from.”

    “Black Lipstick” is showing in theaters starting October 9.