Makati school offers refund of tuition fees

    MAKATI-based educational institution iAcademy has offered to refund tuition fees paid to them totaling to about P11 million.
    iAcademy president Vanessa Tanco has offered a computed refund of 8% credit on total third trimester fees for College students and 5% credit on the total second semester fees for Senior High School students, taking into consideration the differing start dates and the differing allocation of expenses of each.
    Tanco said “this is probably the highest percentage refund, among the Educational Institutions in Makati City. The total refund cost both cash and credit will amount to about Php 11Million equitably distributed according to the aforementioned percentages.”
    Tanco empathizes and understands the struggles of the students and their families in the midst of the Covid-19 pamdemic. She said that the school management has also decided to defer the collection of tuition fees until June 1, 2020.
    In response to the clamor from its students regarding difficulty in continuing classes via on-line methods, iAcademy assured their students that maximum tolerance will be accorded them during this time of the pandemic. The school has provided free wifi and laptops for the use of the students. Those who opted for face to face instruction were also accommodated with special emphasis on social distancing as prescribed by the conduct of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.
    While the institution cannot accede to the clamor for Mass Promotion, Tanco has assured her students that there will be no failing marks. Those who cannot pass requirements will be given an incomplete mark with one year grace period o complete the course requirements.
    Tanco encouraged the students of iAcademy to persevere during these trying times. ”We would really like them to complete the course. Just because we were slapped with this shocking development doesn’t mean we should lose our desire to learn or accomplish our academic goals. We are an institution of game-changers and we cannot let this game changing event lower our standards.”


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