Luchi Cruz shares secret to making interviewees open up


    In this age of social media – where there seems to be no more secrets – Luchi Cruz Valdez is able to make the very public figures like Alessandra de Rossi, Jane de Leon, and KC Concepion feel safe enough to share facts and sometimes, parts of their souls that they have kept away from the prying eyes of their audience in the lifestyle show, “Usapang Real Life.”

    At the press con for “Usapang Real Life,” the much-awarded broadcast journalist and investigative reporter talked about how her experience has taught her that these popular personalities are “tao lang” – prone to the same joys, hurts and insecurities that everyone else goes through.

    Now, the way to make this very public individuals open up is very simple: spend time with them and listen – really listen.

    “I don’t think it’s because of me, although I wish I can say ang galing ko. I think this is what my experience in interviewing comes in. I have realized as far back as when we were in the ‘Probe Team’ and we would do interviews na mahaba. Napansin ko na na nuon pa, na pag hindi ka nagmamadali, that you give the person time to warm up and to see that you can be trusted with the information that eventually they break. By ‘break,’ I mean may sasabihin sila sa iyo na bago. And that’s what I apply here.

    “A conversation with a friend, hindi naman kayo nag me meeting for 15 minutes. There’s no real conversation that takes place in 15 minutes – you have to not give it a deadline.”
    ”You say, hi, hello, o kumusta ka na, etc. Nabalitaan ko ganto. You let it roll for a while. Uy, he’s telling me something. Then I leave it to wherever it goes. Walang mintis, may sasabihin siyang – ayun ang story. That works. That really works. Without fail.”

    Shot in her home, Luchi also gets to open up in “Usapang Real Life.” She shares little known facts of her life and issues she is facing. For instance, she’s a devoted mother of three and a widow, and an avid fan of Korean dramas. She likewise has her personal viewpoints on the issues of the day, as well as topics that cover the gamut of life in the province, mental health, married life, motherhood, passions, and advocacies, and how people deal with change. “Usapang Real Life with Luchi” also trains the spotlight on life behind the camera, unveiling real experiences and celebrating our common humanity. It’s about harnessing the lessons of everyday life and using these to empower and give hope.

    The new weekly TV5 program aims to show that every person has a story to tell – and each narrative deserves to be heard.

    Line-produced by ContentCows Company, “Usapang Real Life with Luchi” airs every Saturday, 9 p.m. on TV5 and has a primetime replay on Sundays at 7 p.m. on Colours on Cignal TV.