Long-distance love working out for Rhian


    RHIAN Ramos is back on TV after more than a year. Her last series was the romcom “The One That Got Away” in 2018 yet. She took a vacation for a while, but now, she’s back in the drama series, “Love of My Life,” directed by Don Michael Perez.

    “I play the role of Kelly Generoso,” she says. “I’m a single mom who’s into direct selling.

    The dad of my son is Tom Rodriguez as Stefano Gonzales, who married Carla Abellana as Adelle Nisperos, also a single mom but her son has a different dad. When Tom is diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer, pinatawag niya ako and our son to introduce us to his mom, Coney Reyes as Isabella Gonzales.”

    This results into a big conflict because Coney asks her and her son to stay in the same house with Carla and her son. So the two women in Tom’s life end up in an unusual set up of sharing the same roof, vying for his attention, and getting on each other’s nerves in the process. She and Carla end up having a catfight.

    With regard to her love life, Rhian has broken up with her Fil-Chinese boyfriend of three years, Jason Choachuy, in 2018. Late last year, she was seen dating a new guy, a foreigner this time, named Amit Borsok. They met through common friends while Rhian was on vacation in Los Angeles. Amit is from Tel Aviv, Israel but works in the US. He has visited Rhian here in Manila and their LDR (long-distance relationship) seems to be working for them, just like in the case of Rhian’s friend, Lovi Poe, whose foreigner boyfriend is based in L.A.

    Ronnie Alonte made quite an impression in the surprise hit of Metro Manila Film Festival 2016, “Vince & Kath & James” and people thought he’s on the verge of stardom. But as luck would have it, it’s his co-stars in the movie, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, who zoomed to fame with their newly formed love team, doing a string of films and TV shows while Ronnie got waylaid along the way. But now, Ronnie gets another chance at stardom and he’s paired with his girlfriend, Loisa Andalio, in Star Cinema’s special Valentine offering, “James & Pat & Dave,” which also stars Donny Pangilinan.

    “This is a sequel to ‘Vince & Kath & James,’” says Theodore Boborol, who directed both movies. “In a love triangle movie, laging may naiiwan, ‘yung hindi pinili na walang happily ever after. And in the first movie, that’s James as played by Ronnie, who was not chosen by Kath. So dito sa sequel, we’ll see what happens to James, ang hindi napili.”

    Does he see the same chemistry between Ronnie and Loisa that he was able to mine successfully before in the Joshua-Julia love team?

    “Magkaiba sila. Kasi when JoshLia was paired before, hindi sila magkakilala. Unlike Ronnie and Loisa na magka-on na talaga way before nagsimula ang movie nila.”

    How does Ronnie feel now that the new movie is focused on him?

    “I feel so blessed,” he says. “Biro mo, nagka-part 2 ang first movie, and it’s focused on me as James, so I’m really very grateful to Star Cinema for giving me and Loisa this opportunity to star in our own movie together. Ang tagal naming hinintay ito. Ang ganda nga ng pasok ng 2020 for us. Bagong taon, a new door opens for us, so sinabi namin talaga na gagalingan namin to prove na worth it kaming pagtiwalaan ng ganitong sarili naming movie.”

    Dingdong Dantes has reasons to be proud as his local adaptation of the hit Korean series, “Descendants of the Sun” is so big-budgeted it’s obvious GMA left no stone unturned to make it truly worth watching. The big opening sequence shows Dingdong as Capt. Lucas Manalo a.k.a. Big Boss rescuing his dad (Roi Vinzon) who was kidnapped by rebels led by Neil Ryan Sese. The pilot episode also showed the first meeting of Dingdong with Jennylyn Mercado as Maxine or Doc Beauty in a mall where Jen rescued a man who’s dying from choking.

    “I’m a fan of the original ‘Descendants,’ kami ni Direk Dom Zapata,” says Dong. “We both watched it again to refresh us as we want to make sure na hindi kami mapapahiya sa mga nakapanood noon with our own version.”

    What changes did they make from the original?

    “Wala masyado,” says Dominic Zapata. “We just made some minor changes to make the story more Pinoy. But when it comes to the craft, we made sure we made no compromises para masiguradong it will be of top quality, so we can meet the expectations of local viewers who loved the original show.”

    Supporting Dong and Jen in the show are Rocco Nacino as Sgt. Diego Ramos or Wolf, who Dong considers as his personal friend as they’re now both reservists in the Philippine Navy, and Jasmine Curtis Smith as Capt. Moira Defensor, Rocco’s ex-girlfriend in the story who he broke up with upon orders of her own dad, Ricardo Cepeda as Gen. Carlos Defensor.

    Other members of the military team are Antonio Aquitania as Col. Bienvenido Garcia, Lucho Ayala as Sgt. Allen Eugenio or Snoopy, Jon Lucas as Sgt. Benjo Tamayo or Harry Potter, Paul Salas as former thief Marty and Prince Clemente as Sgt. Randy or Piccolo.

    The medical team includes Pancho Magno as Dr. Daniel Spencer, Renz Fernandez as Dr. Earl Jimeno, Andre Paras as Dr. Ralph Vergara, Chariz Solomon as Nurse Emma, Nicole Donesa as Nurse Via, Reese Tuazon as Dr. Sandra Delgado, Jenzel Angeles as Nurse Hazel and Bobby Andrews as Dr. Eric Feliciano.