Life coach shares tips on facing life after lockdown


    AS the end of the lockdown period draws near, a lot of people become even more anxious

    The big question is: how’s life going to be after the lockdown?

    Life coach and best-selling author of the #bestmeever series, Myke Celis, discusses the conflicting emotions people have to contend with during these uncertain times.

    “[It] feels almost surreal at first,” says Celis, “Exciting, but admittedly scary. It’s as if one is stepping out once more to a totally unfamiliar world. That’s where the anxiety is rooted in. I always say that the lockdown experience brings out the best and the worst in people. But those are based on each and every choice one makes. Same goes here. To move on and forward, is not brought about by the circumstances surrounding a person; it’s a matter of choice – one thing that we always forget nowadays as we feel trapped and helpless.”

    However, making the choice to “move on and forward” is not always an easy one. Coach Myke, who has extensive experience in coaching highly successful people globally, shares how to reach the decision.

    “The key here is to be able to accept the fact that you have to start somewhere,” he says. “Acknowledge how you feel first, take a deep breath and then muster all your courage and humility to take that first step, no matter how small, forward. You can do that by asking yourself this question: what kind of life do you want and deserve now that you’re free once more to live it? When you have a vision in mind, it’s easier to align your next steps.”

    Coach Myke gives six tips on how to journey back into the real world once the lockdown is lifted. The first is to “unburden yourself from all your what could have beens.”

    “The lockdown wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience for many. A lot of opportunities have passed you by. Vacations, work, etc. – the list goes on. But what is key here is how you are able to accept that fact and realize that you can always make up for those lost opportunities. What is far important is that here and now, you are given that life changing opportunity to start all over again, in a healthy, and hopefully, happier state,” he states.

    In every circumstance, there is always a lesson, so he reminds everyone to apply them.

    “The lockdown was indeed a very powerful eye opener for all of us. The great equalizer. It made us realize who (and what) mattered the most and allowed us to practice resilience in our own way,” he shares, “The new skills, the powerful insights – you need to bring those with you as you start all over again. That’s one of the beautiful impact of the lockdown – we become a totally different person, based on the choices we make.”

    Respect your space, grow at your own pace, Coach Myke tells everyone.

    “Start wherever you are, as you are, with what you have. Know that you will always be more than enough. Take your time to adjust. You don’t have to force yourself to be overly productive all at once. Grow at your own pace, in your new space. One day at a time.”

    It’s time to establish a new routine with mini milestones, he also says.

    “Taking to heart all the lessons you’ve learned during the lockdown, apply them all accordingly. Choose to make a new routine based on your learnings. Example: insert a workout schedule for one hour per day, choose to prepare your own food before work, manage work schedules more efficiently and effectively online. Make sure this time around to include mini milestones each week, your personal targets which you can celebrate about once met. Having those will allow you to keep your focus on your bigger goal, without losing interest.”

    Remember to create meaningful connections, he stresses.

    “This is key to be happier and less anxious as you go about your new routine every single day. Choose to be intentional in creating your new inner circle: who can you connect with that will add value to your life and make you feel truly happy, complete and fulfilled in the process. The lockdown made you realize who deserves to journey with you in life and those who don’t. And that’s perfectly ok. Don’t feel guilty or sad about it. Instead be optimistic that the right people will come into your life – once you have given them their much deserved space,” he stresses.

    It’s important to end each day gratefully, he says.

    “You’ve made it this far. It’s a new chapter. Celebrate each day. Start your new gratitude journal. List down all your experiences and learnings. Realize that now, you’re back on track and on your way to becoming your own #bestmeever.”

    Most importantly, it is important to focus on today – on “what can still be.”

    “The only way you can be totally free after the lockdown is lifted is when you finally shift your focus from all your what-could-have-beens to what-can-still-be. And that is one powerful choice you can (and you have to) make every single day, until you are in sync once more with the outside world. One day at a time,” he concludes.

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