Life coach, author Myke Celis finds success amidst pandemic


    “I am still in total disbelief. But of course, I welcome this milestone with open arms. My heart is full and very grateful!” he said, talking about the sales of his latest book on Amazon.

    “I wasn’t sure how my fifth book will do since I just launched my fourth one two months ago. But what kept me going was that I knew that the rest of the world, more than ever, needs inspiration in order to survive in the new normal we are in, and eventually, thrive in the process.”

    And thrive, Coach Myke did. His fifth book, “Best Me Ever – Powerful Questions To Know Yourself: Understand Yourself Better and Be Your Best Self,” just became a bestseller in Amazon.

    To date, his book reached #1 bestselling status in key categories – Emotions and Mental Health, Journaling and Mentoring and Coaching – all of which very close to the author’s heart.

    This is one life-changing experience for this seasoned author, despite his 4th time to become a bestseller.

    “Every book I write is a blessing, not only for me but for the rest of the world who needs to remember right now, that there’s hope. That surviving and thriving during the pandemic is a matter of choice. One of the choices I made during the pandemic, apart from making all my coaching programs digital, is to write books that will help others cope. And now, seeing all the love and support from all over, I believe it has served its purpose.”

    Asked what the best advice he can give to others who want to thrive in the new normal, he said, “Choose to see the good in every single day. Do what you can, with all that you have.

    That’s more than enough. Hold on to hope. All will be well. Remember to ask yourself this question every single day: What can I do today that when I look back at this event when the whole COVID19 pandemic is over, I will feel proud of myself? Come from that space.”
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