Lacoste presents Lany


    THE crocodile is proud to present a collaboration with well-known artist Lany.

    The latest collection reflects common core values once inspired by René Lacoste that live today in Lacoste collections’ spirit as well as in Lany’s mindset. These are creativity, freedom of spirit, friendship, and tenacity.

    Since March 2020, Lany frontman Paul Klein has been featured in all Lacoste Stores in South East Asia wearing the Lacoste iconic L.12.12 polo.

    The L.12.12 polo was created in 1933 by René Lacoste and soon became an essential piece combining elegance of style and spirit.

    “To us, Lacoste represents both history and the future. History never really goes out of style.  Anyone, anywhere, in the world knows that crocodile. Lacoste embodies this movement by always staying true to their core fundamentals—what makes Lacoste, Lacoste,” said Klein.

    Lany is a trendy and free-spirit band that uses creativity to make their fans dream. It was formed in 2014 in Los Angeles. Friendship, determination and dreamers best describe the group. Paul (lead vocal), Jake and Les released their first album in 2017, setting a record of 14 times Platinum in Asia.

    Since the creation of the first polo in 1933, Lacoste has become a leading brand in fashion and lifestyle. Continuously reinventing itself to carry on combining legacy and modernity, sport and daily life, the Lacoste style materializes through iconic, contemporary and urban collections that gain their inspiration from sport and French elegance.

    Lacoste comes in a number of different ranges for the entire men, women and children’s wardrobe, providing a wide variety of items: clothes, leather goods, perfumes, shoes, eyewear, household linen, watches and underwear, all offering the brand’s famous knowhow.

    Lacoste is an international brand, established in 120 countries, throughout a network of 1200 shops and is part of MF Brands Group.


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