Kim Chiu clueless about shooters’ identities, motive

    William Chiu, father of actress Kim Chiu, points to one of the bullet holes on her daughter’s van. PHOTO BY ROLLY SALVADOR
    William Chiu, father of actress Kim Chiu, points to one of the bullet holes on her daughter’s van. PHOTO BY ROLLY SALVADOR

    A vehicle carrying actress Kim Chiu was fired upon by two still unidentified assailants along Katipunan road in Quezon City yesterday morning.

    Chiu survived unscathed and even proceeded to her scheduled taping of her ABS-CBN television series, “Love Thy Woman.”

    Police investigators said the suspects, aboard a motorcycle, opened fire at Chiu’s Hyundai H350 van at around 6:15 a.m. as it made a stop on a red light at the corner of CP Garcia avenue, in front of UP Town Center.

    Kim Chiu
    Kim Chiu

    Chiu’s driver, Wilfredo Taperla, and her personal assistant were also unharmed.

    The suspects, wearing black helmets and jackets, emerged from behind Chiu’s vehicle and fired six bullets from pistols of unknown caliber at the van’s driver side. The suspects later fled.

    In an interview with ABS-CBN News reporter MJ Felipe, Chiu was emotional as she related what happened during what she thought was a “normal taping day.”

    “Natutulog lang ako dapat magbabasa ako ng script pero inantok ako along the way palabas ng village so nahiga ako. Kung hindi ako inantok, tinuloy ko pagbasa ng script, siguro tinamaan na ako,” she said.

    Felipe asked Chiu if she could think of anyone who wanted to do her harm.

    “Kung nagkamali ba ‘yung nagbaril o nagkamali ba siya ng sasakyan na barilin? Hindi ko alam. Nagpapasalamat lang ako na walang natamaan sa amin. Hindi ko alam. Diyos na lang ang bahala sa dalawang lalakeng ‘yun,” she said.

    Through Instagram, Chiu thanked those who have called and sent messages to her to check on her condition, saying those meant a lot.

    “Yes, I am safe po. I’m OK and my P.A and my driver as well. Papa Jesus protected us,” she said.

    Chiu surmised the attack may be a case of “mistaken identity” or a “bad joke.”

    “(It was) 6 a.m. on my way to taping, I was asleep inside my car then I heard several gunshots, eight to be exact. I asked my driver what happened, then I saw this bullet on the windshield where my head was lying,” said Chiu.

    She asked what could have happened if she was reading her script at that time.

    “I was so scared. I dont know what to feel right now. Wala naman akong kaaway o ka atraso. Why me? Kung sino man ang gumawa nito, Diyos na ang bahala sa inyong dalawa.

    At the end of the day, inisip ko na lang walang nasaktan sa amin. God protected us. (I was so scared. I don’t know what to feel right now. I have no enemy or in a spat with anyone.

    Why me? At the end of the day, I’m just thinking no one was hurt among us. God protected us),” said Chiu.