KC reveals reason she’s gaining weight


    MATTEO Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo were married in a civil wedding last February 20 and since then, folks have been hounding them as to when Sarah would get pregnant.

    They have already declared that they are not in a hurry as they are still in the process of getting to know more of each other better. But each time Matteo faces the press, it’s still the first question asked of him.

    This happened again when he had a live chat to promote the documentary film he has made about his military training as a Scout Ranger, “Ranger G: The Making of a Philippine Scout,” which is now showing on iWant via streaming.

    “We don’t have any plans yet about having a baby anytime soon,” said Matteo. “We’re still enjoying our being together now that we’re husband and wife. We call it our lockdown honeymoon and every single day we spend together is a big blessing. We enjoy being quarantined together kasi kaming dalawa lang talaga ang laging magkasama in the condo where we live. I’m enjoying being a married man and I’m telling my single friends nga, mag-asawa na rin sila kasi masarap pala.”

    He’s very proud of his documentary “Ranger G.” “I’m really excited to show ‘Ranger G’ to my manager Boss Vic del Rosario kasi he allowed me to undergo military training on the condition na I shoot the whole thing,” he said.

    “I’m very fortunate na pumayag ang Philippine Army for me to shoot my training. They were reluctant at first as there are many things in the training not allowed to be seen by civilians in the outside world but eventually, they realized it can be a good opportunity for people to know more about the Philippine Army.”


    There are some celebrities who do not really have a career in showbiz but are visible only on social media. One of them is KC Concepcion. Most people thought then that when she joined showbiz, she’ll be a very big star, but this didn’t happen.

    Now, she no longer has any movie or TV show and you can just follow here in her Instagram account. Folks say she didn’t make it because both her parents are still active and big stars in local showbiz, Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

    As one wag says: “Wala pang anak ng artista na mas sumikat sa parents nila, except for Fernando Poe, Jr., but when he joined showbiz, his father, Fernando Poe, Sr., has already passed. Si Luis Manzano, sumikat kasi he chose to specialize on hosting, not acting, like his parents.”

    Stars with still popular parents who tried showbiz but had a hard time making a name for themselves include the sons of Rudy Fernandez, Alma Moreno and Lorna Tolentino, the kids of Robin Padilla, the children of Christopher de Leon, and the son of Piolo Pascual.

    The kids of a well-known actor who did make a name for themselves are Ruffa Gutierrez and Richard Gutierrez, but this at the time when their dad, Eddie Gutierrez, was already playing father roles.

    Going back to KC, although she has no showbiz projects, she’s still visible online. Some reporters follow her social media accounts and they quickly report her entries in their own columns.

    KC is now 35 years old, so we don’t think she can still stage a showbiz comeback.

    She should just be thankful that the public is interested in her and follow her internet accounts, calling her attention when she gains weight. KC says this can’t be help because she has polycystic ovary syndrome o PCOS, a hormonal problem that affect the organs storing a woman’s eggs. In an interview with Tim Yap on YouTube, she said: “I want to be super open about this because it’s something I also want to talk about in the future.  PCOS caused me to gain so much weight. I know a lot of women who have it.”

    Lately, there were speculations that she doesn’t get along well with her mom, Sharon Cuneta, but KC assured netizens that they have a good relationship. “She sends a lot of food and I also send her food from time to time. So that’s our way of expressing love – through gifts. I think my mom and I, we have the same love language where we like to give each other gifts. I miss her and I love her so much. She’s an amazing mom. At the end of the day, lahat ng nangyayari sa amin …should stay in the family. And just like any other family, no one is perfect. We go through bumps along the way just like any other family. The only difference is we are so public. I don’t really like talking [about] problems in public. I’m not a perfect daughter, no one is perfect. The important thing is what happens now and I think the more important part is to both embrace each other’s imperfections, forgive and be loving towards each other.”

    KC also says the lockdown has given her time to review her past relationships. “I think staying at home makes you think so much. Parang naisip ko, I have my own fears. I have my own imperfections.  I always try to look at where I went wrong, not just the other person. Dati, play, play then thank you, next. Now, nag-mature na ako.  I want somebody that is established, somebody that has values that resonate with me, somebody who actually cares and shows that and is able to express that. I’m still super close to the men I had in my life because I think, we were part of each other’s lives. And if they didn’t treat me bad and we didn’t break up badly, they will always be part of my life. They will always be a chapter in my life. And I appreciate and value them still.”

    Guys linked to her before were Piolo Pascual, Paulo Avelino, athlete Aly Borromeo and Frenchman Pierre Plassart. She was also linked to Apl de Ap of Black Eyed Peas but she has never confirmed it.


    Liza Dino Seguerra, chair of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), wrote us to clarify the ruling on senior actors doing shootings or tapings.

    She said: “Hi kuya Mario, good morning.

    “Just want to address the concern na pinagbabawal daw ang seniors magtrabaho. We would like to emphasize the word ‘discouraged’ to work on-set as specified in the interim guidelines that we released.

    “Discouraged means kung maaari ay pagtrabahuhin sila pero wag papuntahin sa set dahil malaki ang chance ng exposure nila sa COVID-19 virus because they are considered vulnerable workers. This is pursuant to general labor standards as well as health standards especially during this pandemic not just in our industry but with ALL industries.

    “It is the job of government to protect our vulnerable workers, so we are encouraging the producer/employer to create alternative work arrangements with the senior workers kung saan hindi nila kailangan magpunta sa production set at hindi affected ang kanilang salary either way.

    “But ultimately, with the term ‘discouraged’ hindi po sya bawal. If the producer needs the senior workers to work on-set and worker consents then discretion na nila yun.

    “Basta ang government did its due diligence of reminding the worker of the vulnerability of their condition to the virus.

    “Thank you very much, kuya Mario. Hope it clarifies the matter.”

    So it’s now clear that senior actors are not forbidden to work. It depends on the discretion of the network or film company they are working for. Nora Aunor can still go back to taping “Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit,” Gloria Romero can still host “Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko” and Eddie Gutierrez can return to his ABS-CBN soap, “Make It With You,” if GMA-7 and ABS-CBN are still willing to get them.


    Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto recently celebrated their third anniversary as sweethearts. Jak posted a recent video of him giving Barbie a surprise visit at the dressing room of GMA some months ago. But they’re far apart from each other now because of the corona lockdown, so he just wrote this message for her:

    “Happy 3 years Madam! Dati crush lang kita, akalain mo ‘yun, 3 years na! Sayang ‘di tayo makapag-celebrate, alam mo na.  So, paano, sa May 19, 2021 na lang tayo mag-celebrate? Stay at home muna tayo! I love you so much. P.S. eto yata ang pinaka-sweet na kuha natin sa isa’t isa.”

    In turn, Barbie posted their photo taken at Mt. Moiwa Bell of Happiness when they visited Sapporo, Japan some months ago and wrote this:

    “Being with you has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. You boost me up when I feel insecure. You put my feet back on the ground when I fly too high. You support me in everything that I do. You don’t judge, you accept. You love, and you love, and when it all feels overwhelming… you love more. Happy 3rd Anniversary, @jakroberto. I love you.”

    As expected, so many congratulatory messages poured from their fans, various netizens and from their celebrity friends, mostly from the Kapuso network. Frankly, we think that among reel and real life young love teams we have today, Barbie and Jak’s tandem is the sweetest. Ever since, they didn’t hide anything from the press and they honestly admitted their relationship right away.

    As of now, you can watch them together in their hit romantic-comedy, “Meant to Be,” which is currently being reshown on GMA. Barbie is in “Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday,” but taping has been shelved due to the lockdown.


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