Jinggoy gives a tour of mausoleum intended for dad Erap


    Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada gave a tour of the mausoleum of his father, former President and Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, on his YouTube account, Jingflix.ph.

    The mausoleum is located in Tanay, Rizal, where Erap has a resthouse which served as his detention facility.

    Aside from the exclusive tour, Jinggoy also answered the question in everyone’s mind: Why did the ex-President Erap have the mausoleum built?

    “Samahan nyo po akong silipin ang puntod na pinagawa ng aking ama at silipin natin ang Joseph Ejercitoy Estrada Museum and Archives,” said Jinggoy, “Ito po ang ang first and exclusive museum tour na mapapanood nyo lang po sa aking YouTube Channel.”

    The mausoleum also has a museum, housing several memorabilia from the time Erap started in the entertainment industry from actor to producer, and later on becoming a politician. He served as mayor of San Juan for many years, before becoming a senator in 1987, vice president in 1992 and ascending as president in 1998.