‘Jet and the Pet Rangers’ promotes values and life lessons


    KEEPING kids engaged while you are tidying up or working from home can be a challenge, and it’s easier to turn on the TV and hand them over their gadgets to make them behave. But you don’t have to feel guilty about their screen time if you’re making them watch shows that will help them learn and have fun at the same time.

    Aside from wholesome movies and TV shows, iWant also has an original Filipino animated series called “Jet and the Pet Rangers” featuring the superhero team of a kid named Jet and his pets Liksi the dog, Tiyang Manok the hen, and Gigi the goldfish. The series is colorful and charming, and each episode runs just a little over ten minutes and is guaranteed to teach your kids a thing or two about what it means to be a good person.

    Kids can learn a variety of lessons from each episode, including cleanliness and caring for others.  “Jet and the Pet Ranger’s” first episode is a timely reminder for everyone right now: keep yourself clean.

    The program also promotes forgiveness and friendship. A grumpy dog who doesn’t socialize with other animals, Potpot is hounded by trauma and shame because of an accident that removed his leg and made him feel neglected. When his dog house is destroyed, he comes face to face with Jet, the person he saved in his accident and the superhero who comes to his rescue to help him rebuild his dog house. Instead of holding on to his grudge, Potpot becomes friends with Jet.

    It also shows empathy and kindness. Unlike other pigs who are competing to be the heaviest, Vicky Biik is light and thin and believes she was born to fly, even though she often gets mocked for trying to learn how to do it. She later puts her training to good use when she “flies” directly into a whirlwind to salvage the belongings of the pig community. Vicky Biik’s story teaches kids that while we get discouraged by others for wanting something so badly, we can shake it off with kindness and might just fulfill our own dreams by helping others.

    “Jet and the Pet Rangers” also gives hope. Elderly firefly Andoy is trapped inside a jar, in the hands of a mischievous orphan named Ben, who hopes the firefly will grant his wish of seeing his long-deceased parents once again. However, Andoy’s tail light goes out and Ben frets he will not get his wish. Determined more than ever, Ben abandons Andoy to fill a new jar with more fireflies. Realizing that Ben is only acting out because he is lonely and yearning for his parents, Andoy and the forest fireflies form an illusion in the likeness of Ben’s parents, therefore granting his wish even just for a brief moment.

    The show also highlights camaraderie and companionship. Twin puppies Larry and Lester fight over a gifted bone. Jet and the Pet Rangers cook up a fest of Pinoy party games to determine which of the puppies should get the bone. But in the middle of the competition, the twins get to enjoy each other’s company, and realize they can’t win the games without the other.

    A mother’s unconditional love is also seen in the show. Duckling Bea Bibe is distraught after her feathers turn black and greasy after swimming in a polluted pond, and other swans fail to recognize her for her unsightly appearance. Even Jet and the Rangers’ efforts to cover her feathers have failed, and Bea is inconsolable — until her mother arrives. Surprised that her mother recognizes her, Bea asks whether she will be accepted for her looks. Her mother soothes her worries, and explains that nothing can change her love for her duckling.

    Lastly, “Jet and the Pet Rangers” rejects stereotypes. “Nobody is born unlucky or evil.” This is what Jet’s mother tells him when villagers try to chase a black cat named Pawpaw away, as they believe it is bad luck. Even the animals in the forest refuse to help him because of the old belief. However, Jet decides to investigate Pawpaw’s true intentions before judging his character. After leaving a bowl of food in the open, Jet and the animals watch as Pawpaw controls himself from taking it — until he eventually does, but gives it to a family of mice that needs it more. Pawpaw even saves the mice family from an disastrous rockslide. Despite all the rumors that have been spreading, Jet believes in the goodness of the black cat and pursues the truth.

    Follow the fun-filled superhero adventures of Jet and his best pals in “Jet and the Pet Rangers,” on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or iwant.ph.


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