JBK’s ‘Anestisya’ on steady climb

    JBK members Joshua Bulot, Bryan Del Rosario, and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio
    JBK members Joshua Bulot, Bryan Del Rosario, and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio

    Waiting for the right break in showbiz is certainly not easy. JBK members Joshua Bulot, Bryan Del Rosario, and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio admit there was a time they were getting impatient. Although the “X Factor: UK” finalists gained a lot of following because of their international exposure, they still felt restless about their career. Until “Anestiya” came along.

    Composed by Yman and produced by Lester Ramos for Rider PH Studios, “Anestisya” has shot to the charts on several radio stations, including Barangay LS FM. Its lyrics video has garnered more than a 100,000 views and continues to be on the trending list.

    With the steady but sure climb of “Anestisya,” JBK members feel their hard work is finally paying off. They have renewed energy and have also gotten sound advice from people in the industry on how not to lose hope.

    “Marami kaming nakakausap mga banda, ina-advice sa amin, may nag advice na producer, sabi nya ‘Maging patient lang kayo.’ For example, hindi ka marunong mag basketball. Nag shoot ka ng isandaang beses, meron at meron na mashoot kahit hindi ka marunong,” said Josh, “Parang ganun din ‘yun. Gawa ka nang gawa ng music, merong papatok din dun.”

    “Anestisya,” explained JBK, was actually recorded three years ago. The team of Jojo and Lester, however, felt that the song was ready to be re-introduced to today’s market. And they were right.

    “Anestisya” is all about loss – and coping. But it is more than just a breakup anthem, said the members.

    “In-explain sa amin ni Sir Jojo Panaligan (composer) na ‘yung ‘Anestesiya’ is about coping mechanism. Minsan pag may problema sa lovelife, umiinom tayo,” explained Josh. “But it’s not just about love, it’s also about life. Pag sobra sobra na hinanakit mo sa buhay mo, kailangan anestesiya. Ang anestisya natin kasi iba iba, para sa akin, nag bea-beach, surfing. Basketball.”

    “’Anestesiya,’” said Bryan, ”is about coping with pain. Find your anesthesia, and know how you cope with your problem.”

    Josh, Bryan and Kim promise more hits to come, as they vow never to disband. They indulge in other passions, like theater, and also go on adventures or head for the beach.

    The key, it seems, is they have found their anesthesia when the going gets tough.