Jasmine Curtis talks about her advocacies and self-care


    Jasmine Curtis Smith hopes to encourage and inspire everyone to grow and embrace oneself, one’s fellow, and the environment, especially in this time of the pandemic.

    At her launch as the face of Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads last Monday, the actress-activist talked about her contribution as, in her own words, a “micro-influencer.”

    “Not in terms of hosting but in terms of sharing knowledge,” she shared, “For example, some artists or celebrities might feel awkward talking about their period, the discomfort that come with it. I really believe napakagandang way of introducing these different facts you learn and share to those around you.

    “Other than that, I have advocacies I believe in, such as sustainability, and also trying to get rid of poverty. These advocacies might feel big to some people so I introduce some small steps that they can take, such as paano ba when you start from home, paano ba ang sustainability sa bahay? Paano ba mag end ng poverty kung per month lang ang kaya ko? Hindi naman natin kayang I save ang world as a person, but we can save it one person at a time, one meal at a time.

    “I find ways to make it easier for people to understand that it is easy to help even if it feels intimidating. I join advocacies that give way to those smaller steps and also make them feel approachable to support those advocacies, whether it is about your body, the Earth, nature, with human beings, how we think. I feel those things are important to share and I think it’s important to cultivate the right kind of culture online. So when we disagree with something, rather than giving in to hate, not giving people second chances online to redeem themselves. I believe in trying to cultivate a better online presence amongst my audience, pati sa peers kong celebrities and artists. Lahat tayo may paninindigan, pero may way to convey it na maayos.”

    Aside from her attitude and advocacies, Jasmine’s accomplishments have made her stand out in her field, proving her the perfect choice to represent the modern-day Filipina who is confident, energetic and juggles tasks with grace and composure that she is every bit a queen in her own way.

    With a consistent string of critically-acclaimed films to her credit, Jasmine is one of the industry’s brightest actresses, with such movies as “Baka Bukas” and “Siargao” in her impressive filmography. On television, she recently concluded her top-rating primetime drama series “Descendants of the Sun” on GMA-7 while conquering digital platforms with two of her films, “Midnight on a Perfect World” streaming on Upstream.ph and “Alter Me” streaming on Netflix.

    In between television and movie shoots, yoga, and circuit training, Jasmine also indulges in self-care rituals that enrich her personal life. She meditates and enjoys all cravings in moderation, because she believes in the importance of finding the right balance, whether in her career or in her personal life. For her, this is how she treats herself like a queen: ensuring that every aspect of her very busy life is cared for and nurtured. For Jasmine, Jeunesse Anion reflects her own values: innovative, comfortable, and edgy.

    “Jasmine Curtis-Smith was the first name that came to our mind when we thought about the qualities that would best represent our brand. She is young, beautiful, has an active lifestyle, accomplished, and confident with who she is. We know she could relate well to the ladies whom we all consider as queens in their own right and their own way,” said Jeunesse Anion assistant brand manager Elaine Duque.

    Jasmine is elated to be representing the company. “I am so grateful, and honored to be a part of the Jeunesse Anion family. I recommend this amazing product to every woman for that added boost of confidence while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Every woman can treat herself like a queen with Jeunesse Anion.”

    On its ninth year in the business, Wellgold International, Inc., the distributor of Jeunesse Anion, chose Jasmine to embody Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads – a brand of napkins which is the first sanitary pad in the Philippine retail market to contain Anion or negative ions.

    Jeunesse Anion pads are known for being ultra-thin yet super absorbent, with seven layers of protection, and is made of high-quality materials and comes in a resealable packaging to keep moisture and bacteria away.