Janine Gutierrez takes a shot on a psycho-thriller film

    Janine Gutierrez
    Janine Gutierrez

    Showbiz royalty Janine Gutierrez is once again set to enamor the audience with her acting skills that will have moviegoers on the edge of their seats till the very end.

    Apart from being a fashion muse, an international endorser, a sought-after cover girl, Janine is undeniably one of the most regal actresses today. The GMA Artist Center star is known to take on strong and fierce female roles she embodies.

    This year, she played the role of Celestina, a young lady who is born with dragon-like features on GMA’s afternoon series “Dragon Lady.” Her physical traits and mystical power unleash the independent and fierce lady boss in her.

    She also took on the titular role of the tough and free-spirited Elise.

    This time around, she will showcase a different side of her as she proves her versatility in acting via the psychological thriller film, “Babae at Baril.”

    In the gripping movie, Janine portrays a saleslady in a local department store. Her character has had enough of being an underdog. All that is about to change when she finds a gun right on her doorstep. She can do anything she wants, talk back to whoever she wants, and even hurt anyone she wants after discovering how much power owning a gun can give her. All the bitterness she felt towards those who have wronged her have come spilling out all because of the gun.

    Directed by Rae Red, “Babae at Baril” is an entry to this year’s QCinema International Film Festival’s Asian Next Wave Competition. Catch it in cinemas from October 13-22, 2019.