Iza Calzado tests positive for COVID-19

    Iza Calzado

    ACTRESS Iza Calzado is COVID-19 positive.

    The actress got her confirmation on Saturday, March 28. According to the Facebook post of her manager, Noel Ferrer, Calzado, who was initially being treated in the hospital for pneumonia, is “recovering well.”

    “She is recovering well as she was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus. She can actually breathe now without any oxygen assistance,” he posted on Facebook on Saturday, March 28.

    Iza’s husband, Ben Wintle, has not shown any symptoms, Ferrer also added.

    “She will be tested again to see if she is already negative. Her husband Ben and others who interacted with her have not shown any symptoms.”

    On Sunday, Ferrer posted an update on Facebook. He said Iza is in high spirits, even cracking a joke.

    “I knew Iza is coping very well because of her display of good disposition. She said, (even in jest), ‘Nasa akin ang corona’ — while really wanting to share her learnings and realizations as she is continuously battling with the virus,” he wrote.

    “For the first time last night, she said, she slept well and is about to complete her cycle of antibiotics,” he further said.

    However, Ferrer lamented the misinformation being peddled about Iza’s health.

    “She is better now than a few days ago when she sent a personal video to update friends and family about her condition,” he related.

    “Unfortunately, an old video has been carelessly circulated online [and is being passed] off as Iza’s present state.

    He had a message to those who posted the video: take it down.

    “There’s a lesson to be learned here – GOOD SENSE. Sound judgment dictates that one should be able to discern what is personal from what is public consumption. (Please take those videos down, they are not yours and you don’t have the permission.)”

    Iza, 38, is part of the movie, “Tagpuan,” an entry in the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival, which was originally slated to run from April 11 to 21 but has been postponed indefinitely. –GFCT


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