It’s work as usual for Myrtle Sarrosa


    The year 2020 may be full of challenges, but Myrtle Sarrosa and Sisters Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners are even tougher, as they continue to forge their bond stronger, with the actress signing up for the third time as the brand’s celebrity ambassador.

    Myrtle was still a college student when she was first chosen by Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc., to represent their products for young females in 2016. Four years after and having graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines, Myrtle continues to represent the brand and has signed her third contract with Megasoft Hygienic Products this 2020.


    The reason is simple, according to Aileen Choi Go, Megasoft’s vice president for Sales and Marketing, Myrtle remains an example of a truly smart, talented and empowered. The actress strives to be the best in her field and at the same time is a good role model to females everywhere.

    “We are proud to sign Myrtle once again,” shared Choi-Go at Myrtle’s recent contract signing.

    Despite the pandemic, Myrtle and Megasoft have persistently worked hand-in-hand in spreading the word on good hygiene to the youth, through their online platforms on Lazada and Shopee. Before the community quarantine was put into place by the government, Megasoft was also able to do school tours. The last one, its 86th leg, was held at the Aranguren Integrated School in Capas, Tarlac.