Iñigo releases ‘Balang Araw’


    Iñigo Pascual believes that love comes in the right place, in the right time in his freshly released single “Balang Araw,” produced under Star Music.

    “We all hope for that one person who will spend their future and life with us. We spend our days waiting, hoping, and searching for that person,” he explained.

    The multi-talented artist, who shared on Twitter that the song means so much to him, added that “Balang Araw” is all about hope and trust. “Simply trust the process and trust your heart and know that one day that person will come. Balang araw (someday).”

    Its music video, which he directed with the help of his driver and shot in his house, premiered on June 8.

    Iñigo wrote the lyrics and music of “Balang Araw,” which was produced by Kidwolf and ABS-CBN Music’s creative director Jonathan Manalo. It follows his 2018 birthday single “Lumang Tugtugin,” as well as his international collaborations in 2019 with Australia’s top vlogger Wengie for “Mr. Nice Guy” and “Adios” with Singaporean urban artist Akasha.

    The optimistic track was immediately well-received by listeners, including the Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid who shared on Instagram how much she loved the song.

    Iñigo’s “Balang Araw” is available in ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel and on various music streaming platforms.