Here are the members of ‘Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love’


    Regal Entertainment, Inc. presents a film tackling the lives of the present generation, “Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love.”

    The film resonates with millennials who aim to find their identity in a world full of challenges and confusion. The story focuses on five main characters, with each one representing the different kinds of youth in this fast-paced era.

    Writer-director Jason Paul Laxamana paints a realistic picture of what the youth face today.

    “Personal advocacy, although very minor lang, is I want to send the message that life is not going to be happily ever after. Feeling ko mas mature take siya sa buhay, ayokong maging fantastic ang ending ng mga pelikula ko,” he explained. “Gusto ko ang mga tao kahit hindi mo makuha ang gusto mo, maging intact pa rin ang personality mo. ‘Yung dignidad mo, kasi ganun talaga ang buhay.

    “Mas kailangan ng mga tao ngayon yung pananaw na kahit may mga adversity sa buhay, kailangan maging matatag pa rin ngayon.

    “In general, I think, dinidevelop ang IQ, which stands for Intelligence Quotient, ang EQ, emotional quotient, ang kulang sa mga tao ngayon, adversity quotient, meaning kung gaano hinaharap ‘yung mga adversities in life.”

    This is the story of a barkada of Kurt, Maan, Denzel, Hadji, and Juna Mae. They are young, full of zest, and idealistic. After graduation, the group agrees to camp by the lake overnight. Witnessing a meteor slicing the night sky, they decide to make a pact to meet on the same spot the following year to celebrate their friendship, not knowing the surprises and challenges that await each of them in terms of career, relationship issues, and societal issues.

    In the movie, Jane Oineza plays the role of Ma-an, a vlogger, competitive, and who advocates empowered women. However, her issue lies in the fact that her biggest competitor, Thia Thomalla, who is also a vlogger, has more subscribers than her. It turns out that her rival is also her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. This only fans Ma-an’s competitive streak, and her determination to prove that she is better that her ex-boyfriend’s current girl.

    Jerome Ponce portrays Denzel, a gay man. He is openly gay and confident, a successful restaurant owner and an achiever. However, Denzel’s issue is mainly about seeking a relationship for keeps. He seeks potential partners through dating apps and casual hook-ups.

    Albie Casiño is Hadji, a video editor. He lives under one roof with his girlfriend Juna-Mae. Idealistic when it comes to romance, Hadji’s concept of love and romance is highly influenced by what he sees in social media.

    Myrtle Sarrosa plays, Juna-Mae, a promodizer. She is the complete opposite of her boyfriend Hadji. Because of her past experience in relationships, Juna-Mae is pessimistic when it comes to love. She is jaded when it comes to relationships and she does not believe in happily-ever-after. Because of this, she fears commitment and this affects her relationship with Hadji.

    Tony Labrusca is Kurt, a guy who is determined to make it big, until he realizes that there is a huge piece missing in his life. He constantly compares himself to others on social media in terms of success. He tends to become competitive in terms of achievement and success that eventually leads him to feelings of sadness, burnout, and depression.
    The film opens on cinemas tomorrow, October 2.