Healthy skin and healthy heart


    Heart Evangelista does not only know a thing or two about fashion and art, she also knows about health and wellness. The actress, visual artist and fashion icon is currently the brand ambassador of Poten-Cee.

    The skin is the largest organ of the body. At about age 30, Filipinas start experiencing early indications of aging including dry skin and wrinkles. Women do not realize it but these are actually telltale signs that their skin may be dehydrated, or lacking in moisture. To address the skin’s need for hydration, many women have turned to collagen.

    Poten-Cee + C is a supplement that combines both Vitamin C and Collagen. And because it is in a hydrolyzed or broken-down format, this protein can be easily absorbed by the body and help hydrate the skin and prevent the onset of wrinkles.

    And Heart knows that fashion comes and goes, but what never goes off season is the need to care for our health.