Happiness in a chair


    Getting a soothing massage used to be a luxury.

    With stress and anxiety levels at an all-time high due to the pandemic, it’s become more of a necessity these days to seek relaxing ways to maintain overall well-being.

    But where to turn to, now that wellness centers are closed and it’s not the ideal time to be welcoming massage therapists in homes either?

    Celebrities Richard and Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Annabelle Rama turn to but one respite – Ogawa’s range of elegantly-designed and award-winning wellness massage chairs and mobile products.

    Engineered using superior Japanese technology, and fashioned for ultimate comfort and relaxation, Ogawa has spent decades researching, developing, and testing their massage chairs for optimum performance and wellness benefits.

    The Ogawa Master Drive Plus massage chair is a staple in Richard and Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez’s home. For actress, beauty queen, and a hands-on mom Ruffa Gutierrez, her Ogawa chair is her best quarantine purchase ever.

    An intelligent massage chair, the latest Ogawa Smart ReLuxe helps empower your body by employing cutting-edge massage technologies.

    The Ogawa MySofa 2 delivers performance identical to that of a massage chair in a charmingly smaller frame.

    The Extended Massage Sofa includes special features such as rocking function, built-in bluetooth speakers, air bags, five automated massage areas.

    Ogawa also offers two of their newest additional models to their range – the Smart Jazz and Omknee 2.