Hallypop celebrates love month with new shows


    GMA’s Hallypop offers a fresh line-up of entertaining programs for its avid viewers this February.

    Last Monday (February 8), live music request show “After School Club,” hosted by Jamie Park and Han Hee-Jun, featured K-Pop fans around the world who get to hang out, connect and have fun with their idols “after school.” They can join the video chat sessions through Google Hangouts, send tweets, and share status to connect with their favorite K-Pop idols.

    Fresh episodes air every Monday, 6 p.m., with replays every Tuesday and Friday, 3 p.m.

    Last Wednesday, two delightful shows were added: “Rolling in K-pop” and “Gangnam Insider Picks.”

    “Rolling in K-pop” presents content dedicated to K-Pop lovers from all corners of the globe.

    People of different cultures and languages come together through its entertaining segments produced by Rolling, such as “TranSonglation,” “Call Me By Your Language,” and “Prop Room Dance,” with each episode featuring different K-Pop groups and idols.

    Meanwhile, K-pop singer Stephanie Kim hosts “Gangnam Insider Picks” where she explores the district of Gangnam and shares tips on how to make the most out of its different zones.