Globe welcomes Kim Seon Ho


    It was a truly kilig Sunday for PH Seonhohadas as they were taken on a reinvented (virtual) date to officially welcome #TeamGoodBoy Kim Seon Ho to the Globe family, on the Kmmunity PH Facebook group last March 21.

    The e-fan meet was filled with references from the K-Drama “Start-Up,” Filipino games that Seon Ho eagerly played (like the traditional sipa), and fun treats given away to fans. Seon Ho gamely worked on several Filipino phrases like “sana mapanaginipan mo ako” (hope you dream of me) or “ang ganda ganda mo” (you are so beautiful), and made serious effort to guess Filipino translations of English phrases such as his on-screen moniker “Dimple Prince” which in Filipino is “Prinsipe ng Biloy” — which he did quite well much to the delight of his fans.

    Seonhohadas were also able to ask him questions — from his favorite vacation spot, his favorite song, to his favorite daily routine. He mentioned that he wanted to go back to Cebu, where he had fond memories from his last visit and that these days, he starts his day having breakfast with his family. If his kindness to indulge fans on their requests (like a five-second staring game, oh my!) weren’t enough, luckier were those who were able to join him onscreen for some games and those who were able to join for a virtual group photo.

    “I truly am here because you guys are there. And I am feeling all the support and gratitude. I want to be able to give back all the love that I’ve received from the fans,” Seon Ho shared during the event.

    On being part of Globe’s family, he said, “I am very pleased to be the newest part of Globe’s family and I am looking forward to all our projects. While we are having this virtual fan meet now, when this is all over, I hope I can visit you guys.”

    “We are pleased to welcome Kim Seon Ho to the Globe family, with the same spirit of reinvention we have established with BLACKPINK. We continue to bring world-class connectivity and exciting digital experiences to our customers as a way to enable them to transform into the best version of themselves while enjoying the things they love from home,” said KD Dizon, Globe’s head of Consumer Mobile Business.