Gary V enjoins Pinoys to remain hopeful

    Gary Valenciano
    Gary Valenciano

    AMIDST the challenges many are facing now caused by the current pandemic, singer Gary Valenciano tells Pinoys to just hold on. “In the midst of trials, don’t lose hope or else there will be no drive for anything else where life will probably lose its meaning. Kapit lang tayo.”

    The OPM icon is also referring to the meaning behind his song, “Kapit Pinoy,” which is the track he performed in the latest video for AIA Philam Life.

    “The song was written for me in 2015 by Jungee Marcelo and the music was done by Jonathan Manalo,” he shared. “I’ve always believed there are some songs which may not play a role at a particular time you release it, but at some point, it can and I think now with ‘Kapit Pinoy’ it’s ‘Hold On.’ I think with challenging times like these, for anyone in any kind of business, and all those who lost their jobs, we must hang on to our faith now.”

    Hope is the central theme of the latest AIA Philam Life video with Gary singing his song of optimism. “Hope means an expectation of good things to happen so being positive always uplifts one’s soul. We must hold on tight and we will go over that hump.”

    The video shows situations Filipinos may experience in their lives – from a breadwinner being hospitalized, to an old parent recovering from an illness, and a single mother being assured she has enough savings to give birth. The message is simple: with the protection from AIA Philam Life, love and responsibility for loved ones never end.

    Gary himself continued to keep his faith and hopes up even during the most challenging time in his life. A few years ago, he had to undergo a cardiac bypass surgery because of a 95% blockage on his left artery. While recovering from his operation, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has recovered from both medical issues since.

     “Being part of the company during this season is a blessing and I feel it’s not just about being a singer but being able to communicate a message that brings faith, hope, love and inspiration despite everything going on in the world today,” he said.

    “We chose Gary to be a part of the AIA Philam Life family because he is such an inspiration to many people. He’s been living with diabetes for so many years, pulling through a major health scare a few years back, then bouncing back to pick up where he left off and live his life to the fullest. How many people can do that?” said AIA Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer Leo Tan. “And that’s the commitment of AIA Philam Life – to help our customers continue living and achieving their dreams, no matter what happens in life, through the prevention programs, protection products, and recovery platforms that we offer. Ano man ang mangyari, tuloy-tuloy ang buhay, tuloy-tuloy ang pagmamahal.”

    According to AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Ang, “With our continued commitment to help close the protection gap, we come full circle, bringing to life our brand promise of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives by ensuring peace of mind and giving hope to our customers through our complete suite of protection products.”