Four reasons why Marian enjoys grocery shopping

    Joanne Lim-Co and WalterMart’s newest endorser, Marian Rivera
    Joanne Lim-Co and WalterMart’s newest endorser, Marian Rivera

    WalterMart recently launched the “I Love WalterMart” campaign at W Mall Macapagal with Marian Rivera-Dantes.

    “As we celebrate our 27th year, we welcome Marian Rivera-Dantes as our very first WalterMart ambassador,” says WalterMart Supermarket Managing Directress Joanne Lim-Co. “We have chosen Marian because we admire her in so many ways, as a dedicated wife, a hands-on mom, and a role model to so many. We also salute her for her many advocacies including championing locally-made products.”

    It is easy to see why shoppers fall in love with WalteMart. It makes everyone a little bit special by bringing a complete and happy shopping experience to more customers, and uplifting the lives of the communities it serves.

    Marian shares the four reasons she loves WalterMart Supermarket during the “I Love WalterMart” launch.

    Top of her list is the service. Marian was amazed with WalterMart Supermarket’s online delivery for groceries. “It will help you save lot of time and money every day especially with moms like me,” she says.

    She notes the wide and overwhelming selection the supermarket offers – from fresh produce, bakery, beauty and baby section to imported items. “Even the eggs surprise toys of my daughter, Zia are available with many versions,” she notes.

    Of course, everyone loves savings. WalterMart always gives the best deals every day, every time. The store has great discounts, especially now that holiday is just around the corner.

    Lastly, Marian loves the fact that WalterMart makes shopping a breeze with its aisle markers to help you easily find the items you need. It also has in line counters to make shopping faster and easier. But what she loves most are the WalterMart’s staff who are ready to answer queries and guide her all the time.