Fit for a queen

    Ricky Reyes Salons offer Straight Xpress, an affordable and safe way of hair straightening.
    Ricky Reyes Salons offer Straight Xpress, an affordable and safe way of hair straightening.

    The Philippines is now considered a powerhouse when it comes to international beauty pageants. It is not very rare that we have a Filipina in every roster of winners in major international beauty organizations.

    Aside from beauty, intelligence and grace, one of the elements of a total winning look of an aspiring beauty queen is having gorgeous hair. Notice that in every international pageant, the Filipina’s long, dark hair stands out in a sea of blondes and brunettes.

    And it is no wonder why we are barraged by shampoo ads pushing for that glossy, deep black straight hair. Unfortunately, a perfectly straightened hair is not that easy to achieve no matter how much shampooing you do on your hair. This gave rise to the big demand from women who wanted that kind of hairstyle. Some cheap hair straightening methods available, sadly, can do more harm than good on your hair. Although the Hair Rebond technique delivered some good results, rebonding proved to be too costly and time-consuming. The real and effective rebonding method takes about 4 to 5 hours process.

    Good thing is, there is now a new product and technique introduced lately by hair expert Ricky Reyes called Straight Xpress, and as the name implies, Ricky promises that women can have long silky straight locks with this revolutionary hair treatment. So what’s the buzz and how is this different from rebonding, which Ricky himself popularized in the country?

    Straight Xpress is the result, a worthy result of Ricky’s long period of close collaboration with personal care laboratories abroad that helped him formulate this straightening innovation that leaves hair no damage and further solve women’s hair woes. The result is stunning. Now, with Ricky’s Straight Xpress, women can have perfectly straightened hair that is smooth and manageable as well.

    What is more important is that Straight Xpress lessens processing time to less than an hour and at a fraction of a cost of rebonding. That is why, at Ricky Reyes Salons, they can now say “goodbye to rebonding.”

    As Ricky says, “There’s a big demand for long, straight hairstyle among Filipino women but having straight hair is no fun if it isn’t smooth, silky and manageable. Our new Straight Xpress method delivers all that. I want our women to have that winning looks of a true beauty queen, truly Filipina, truly fabulosa.”