Diva actress to get the ax soon


    PIA Wurtzbach and her sister Sarah’s tiff is fodder for the gossip columns. The reading public just loves to read such stories about shame and scandal in the family, like the Barretto sisters. Sarah declared she has no intention of patching things up with their mom, Cheryl Tyndall. In her social media account, she said her mother did unspeakable things with her. She wrote: “She solicited me when I was younger in exchange for money, then I got gang raped and then raped again for the second time, and she told me, I deserved it.”

    She was asked if she had any happy memories with her mom and she replied: “Mmmm, right now, no. I have pure hatred towards that animal.”

    Cheryl, along with her current husband, Nigel Tyndall, replied to Sarah on YouTube. Pia and Sarah are the children of Cheryl with her first husband, a German named Uwe Wurtzbach, who died six years ago.

    Cheryl denied soliciting her kids. She says Sarah might just be undergoing post-partum depression after giving birth recently. “I love my daughters. I don’t believe that she hates me so much. I know she loves me. I still believe that. I just want to believe that it’s just postpartum syndrome for her.”


    Mylene Dizon is currently on lock in taping with the rest of the cast of “Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit” at a resort in San Mateo. They were there at the height of storm Rolly and taping was packed up for that day. “We’re in a mountainous area at malakas ang hangin.”

    What has she been doing during the lockdown?

    “Well, common knowledge that I stay in my place in Silang, Cavite where I have a small lot and I grow my own organic vegetables. Noong pumutok ang Taal Volcano in January, natabunan sila ng one inch of ashfall, so nilinis ko munang lahat then nag-plant uli ako. I’m hoping to inspire other people to plant their own veggies lalo na ngayong naka-quarantine pa rin tayo.”

    Will she eventually sell her produce and turn it into a business?

    “Sana. I’d love to try that, tingnan natin. Pero pinag-aaralan ko pa. Ngayon, nagte-taping na uli ako, lock in pa, so iba munang nag-aalaga sa mga tanim ko.”

    How is her partner Jason Webb and her two sons?

    “Ayun, naiwan muna sila. They helped me prepare my baons for the taping. Ang dami-dami kong baong food. Unang-una, vegetarian kasi ako. I don’t eat meat, so I brought my own food para sigurado. So far, masaya naman, working with sina Ate Guy, Kyline and all the rest.”


    Gloria Diaz is the country’s first Miss Universe winner and at the Zoom press con of “Oh My Dad,” she was asked about the win of Rabiya Mateo as Miss Universe Philippines in which she was one of the judges.

    “Actually, I love the winner,” she quickly answered. “She is so beautiful.”

    Was she surprised when Rabiya’s winning became controversial? “Not really. Kasi every year naman, laging ganun. Not everyone is satisfied, so hindi nawawala iyung ganung conroversy sa beauty competitions. Lagi na lang may natalo na ang sasabihin, dinaya sila.

    That’s the usual thing.”

    She herself predicted Rabiya would win.

    “Super ganda niya, kasi kamukha niya si Belle (her daughter, Isabelle Daza). She’s very natural. Even her answer, I like it. But the truth is, there were so many pretty ones that night. People should not forget na pag may nanalo, ibig sabihin, siya ang pinakamaganda at pinakamasuwerte. Pag hindi ka ngayon nanalo, just try and try again. ‘Di ba ganyan ang mga ginagawa sa ngayon?”

    Gloria is very happy their sitcom, “Oh My Dad,” is rating well and getting very favorable feedback. They’re still doing lock in taping at Fontana Resort in Clark, Pampanga to finish at least two seasons of the show.

    “We’re one big family on the set. Kami ng buong cast, from Ian Veneracion and his kids, sina Sue Ramirez, Louise Abuel and Adrian Lindayag, and Ariel Ureta as my love interest, plus Jeffrey Jeturian as our director. Masaya kaming lahat and our producer, Atty. Joji Alonso pampers us with so much food.”

    “Oh My Dad” is seen on TV5 every Saturday at 5 p.m., after “Rated Korina.”


    ‘She keeps on demanding things on the set and has been maligning another actress she worked with in another soap.’

    The cast of a new show might not know it yet but some of their members might be given their walking papers once the show’s current season ends. They’re doing lock in taping for the show out of town and some of the actors in it are so “pasaway” so management is seriously considering axing them for defying rules and regulations that they have to follow not only for their own protection but for the safety of all their co-stars and also the staff and crew.

    One beauty queen-actress knows no one is allowed to leave the lock in set because they’ve all subjected to swab test before taping started. But during a taping break, this actress insisted on going out because she said she’s having lunch with her kumare.

    Another actress is throwing her weight around on the set and behaving like a diva, even maligning another actress. We’re told management is now thinking of firing her and getting the actress she is maligning to spite her.

    Still another actress invited two male friends to visit her, which is a no-no since outsiders are not allowed as they might be unknowingly carrying the virus into the lock in set. Still another actress who’s just a guest in one episode chose to stay in the quarters of one of the actors till the wee hours of the morning, even if this is also forbidden.