Dimples Romana: More than just a pretty face


    In spite of having one of the most angelic faces on screen – or perhaps, because of it – Dimples Romana shines best when playing villainess roles.

    The formidable performer also happens to be one of the few showbiz denizens who can claim to successfully find the right balance between her personal life and professional career.

    And it is this – her strength before and behind the cameras that has made her the only choice to be brand ambassadress of the new skin care brand, Skin Magical.

    Skin Magical chief operating officer Ghie Pangilinan and husband Jerry said the actress is their choice to represent their product because she echoes the brand’s campaign – Gandang Palaban. Dimples has managed to beautifully maintain a flourishing career and a happy home life with children Callie and Alonzo and husband Boyet Ahmee.

    The actresses is proud to represent the skin care brand that also manages to be effective and safe and remain affordable for everyone who wants to have healthy skin.

    “I’ve always admired the mission and vision of Skin Magical as a company,” said Dimples,

    “I saw how Miss Ghie, together with her amazing team, would truly care for our skin care routine, how she would constantly empower those who are new in the business and those who look up to her for inspiration and guidance.”

    It is no secret how much Ghie and Jerry have done for their business. Jerry was a former seaman while Ghie was an online seller of all kinds of goods, including beauty products. A friend of hers gave her the idea to create her own beauty brand. Initially, she decided to introduce a rejuvenating papaya soap, lotion and toner to the market under the Skin Magical Beauty Products line. With only an initial capital of P7,000 and a beauty soap with only one distributor, she painstakingly managed to grow their business into what is now considered as one of the best and most successful skin care brands in the Philippines. In fact, Skin Magical and the dynamic lady behind the brand has already received various recognitions from 2016 up to the present.

    The hardworking couple believe that achieving a smooth and glowing skin need not be complicated or expensive and they have continued to maintain their goals: to provide the best products to their customers, to share their knowledge to their partners, distributors and resellers, and to inspire them to succeed as well.

    At present, Skin Magical has 80 franchisees and 150 distributors with an average delivery of 100,000 to 150,000 of Rejuvenating Sets every month.

    Aside from the Rejuvenating Sets containing soap, toner and creams, Skin Magical also has the Orange Cucumber Set, Tomato Lemon with Apple Cider Set, Apple Cider One Day Recovery Serum, Clear Moisturizing Soap, Flawless Soap with Gold Dust, Black Magical Soap, Carrot and Oatmeal Soap, Feminine Soap, Maintenance Soap, Gluta-Mango Peel Soap, Orange Peel Soap, Marbleized Pink and Blue Miracle Soap, Premium Glutathione Soap, Purest Tawas, Extra Strength Rejuvenating Soap, Whipp Luxury Soap, Purifying and Acne Clearing Foaming Wash, Whitening Black Soap, Whitening Lotion and Sunscreen, and Apple Cider Daily Foaming Wash.