Dimples partners with Juan Life


    Actress and “momtrepreneur” Dimples Romana was chosen by Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies Inc. (Agile) to be the brand ambassador for their JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel last November 27, 2019.

    “Dimples is a relatable brand endorser for JuanLife because she represents our target market: family nurturers who are central in every Filipino family and will do anything to ensure their loved one’s security and success.” said Roselle C. Masirag, general manager of Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies, Inc. “They are resilient, problem-solvers, solution-seekers and entrepreneurial by heart, who lives day-by-day making decisions for their family”

    JuanLife is a personal accident insurance that was designed to serve the Filipino family. The product’s name, which is a play on the common Pinoy monicker Juan, puts an emphasis that every Juan or every Filipino, only has “one life” to live.

    Developed in partnership with non-life insurance company, Stronghold Insurance Company, Incorporated, JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance covers death and injury due to accident and acts of nature.

    Unlike the typical personal accident insurances in the market, JuanLife, covers a wider age range (from 7 to 60 as opposed to the common 18 to 60), people with hazardous occupations and accidents resulting from acts of nature such as flood, earthquake, etc.