Czech movie night


    The Embassy of the Czech Republic screened the recent Czech blockbuster, “Women on the Run,” in an exciting new way at the SM Cinema Drive-In at the Mall of Asia.

    The film screening, graced by the Czech Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission Jana Peterková, was held as part of the Embassy’s celebration of the Czech Republic’s 31st Anniversary of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.

    “Women on the Run” is the story of Vera, and her determination to fulfill her late husband’s peculiar last wish – running a marathon. While Vera has never run a mile in her life, she believes she can accomplish the goal together with her three daughters and a sophisticated fitness plan. But life, just like the race, can be full of surprises. Importantly, they learn that what applies to running also applies to life – persevering even when the finish line seems beyond reach.