Cure your cabin fever with adventure-themed shows on HBO GO


    SO, you’ve been hanging out in “SaLa Union” for far too long and you’ve gotten to know every nook and cranny of your house too closely already. Because the days have melded together into one big blob, you’re craving for something new. Spice up your daily routine and rouse your thrill-seeking side with these shows on HBO GO:


    Watch the three seasons of “Westworld” and follow the dawn of artificial intelligence and the evolution of a dark odyssey right in the comfort of your home. Explore what makes us human in a world where artificial intelligence becomes the norm. Join Dolores and Caleb, along with the rest of the characters from the earlier seasons, as they continue their journey in a strange yet seemingly familiar world.

    “His Dark Materials”

    Feeling a bit mischievous lately? Come at me, tukso! Unleash your inner daemon – physical manifestations of the soul, in a non-human form – in this fantasy drama TV series based on Phillip Pullman’s novel of the same name.


    Who says the virus is the only strange thing out there? Don’t forget the aswang, the engkanto, and its distant cousins. Exclusively on HBO GO, this dark fantasy thriller series set in present-day Southeast Asia follows a society composed of creatures in Asian folklore will be a new favorite of mythology fans.

    “DC Comics’ Extended Universe”    

    All by yourself in quarantine? The Justice League can be your WFH buddies now. Let them keep you company as they battle injustice and as you battle your deadlines. Watch other heroes in action in Watchmen, Justice League VS The Fatal Five, The Dark Knight, and Aquaman as many times as you like. Just in time too, before Wonder Woman 84 is released.

    “Us,” “Black Swan,” “War of the Worlds,” “Shutter Island,” “Hannibal” – these films should put your brain to work as it tries to fathom the creepy things that can go on in these fictional worlds.

    Watch all these shows – and more – when you download the HBO GO app! For only P149 a month, experience a thrilling adventure right from your couch with a selection of movies and TV shows. Try the 7-day binge challenge with the free trial and cancel anytime – free of charge.


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