Coney takes on new role

    Coney Reyes
    Coney Reyes

    At 65, Constancia Angeline Reyes Nubla or more famously known by her screen name Coney Reyes, shows no sign of leaving the business that has loved and nurtured her brilliant talent for more than four decades.

    In fact, she has a new show set to premier on February 2020 under GMA Network, the family drama series titled “Love of My Life.” She plays mother to Tom Rodriguez’ character who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and tries to race against time to bring their family together.

    “I am very excited with this new project – excited to be working with Tom, Carla [Abellana], Rhian [Ramos], Mikael [Daez]. It’s a beautiful story about love for family that a lot of people can relate to,” she shares.

    In real life, Coney is mom to LA and Carla Mumar and Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto. She is also a doting grandma to LA’s sons Lorenzo, Matteo and Alejandro. She admits she spoils them rotten.

    “I think that’s my privilege,” she confirms.

    Apart from showbiz and family, Coney also cherishes her devotion as a born-again Christian. She is an active member and a discipleship group leader of Victory Christian Fellowship.

    Recently, Coney has added another feather to her cap as she signs with Pharex Health Corporation as the brand ambassador of Fortiplex, a Vitamin B brand for people 60 years old and above.

    “I am very pleased to be part of the Pharex family, more so, to be spreading awareness about the importance of Vitamin B to my fellow senior citizens. Health is also something I am passionate about,” she shares.

    Fortiplex is a high-dose B-complex vitamins (B1, B6, B12 with additional B2 and B3), formulated to relieve or prevent peripheral neuropathies and address mood issues and forgetfulness amongst elderly.

    Coney added, “For people my age, it is common to experience nerve problems like numbness or tingling and muscle weakness. Also, if you’ve observed, older people tend to be easily irritated and annoyed by the most trivial things. The mood swings are sometimes inexplicable.”

    Various medical studies have shown that deficiencies in B vitamins lead to mood and personality changes, and even forgetfulness. Sadly, the most prone to these conditions are the senior citizens primarily because of their increasing loss of appetite and poor nutrition.

    “With different life stages, our bodies need different amounts of vitamins and nutrients to help us in being better versions of ourselves everyday. Listen to your body and what it needs. Consult with a doctor if you must. And most importantly, don’t forget your personal relationship with the Lord,” ends Coney.