Coleen, EA perfect for ‘Mia’


    Underrated and most often relegated to second-lead roles, actors Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman finally get their due in the first Filipino film to be released this year, “Mia.”

    Released by Insight 360 Films in partnership with Viva Films, “Mia” is the perfect vehicle to highlight the acting abilities of the two competent talents.

    As Mia, Coleen shines with her effortless portrayal of Dr. Mia Salazar, who has a hard time dealing with the untimely passing of her boyfriend, played by her husband, Billy Crawford. She is totally believable as the despondent young doctor who turns to the bottle for comfort.

    The ever-reliable Edgar Allan, star of “Deadma Walking,” gives another great performance as the forester Jay Policarpio. He is lovable as the nerdy scientist who sprouts facts and figures without provocation.

    Mia and Jay are opposites. They clash, but also there’s undeniable chemistry between the characters. More importantly, Coleen and Edgar do not only look lovely on screen – they also feel real in their roles.

    Directed by award-winning filmmaker Veronica Velasco, “Mia” also stars Yayo Aguila and William Martinez, Star Orjaliza, Jeremy Domingo, Sunshine Teodoro, Pau Benitez, and Xenia Barrameda.

    The screenplay was co-written by Velasco and Jinky Laurel while Noel Teehankee served as its director of photography.

    “Mia” opens in cinemas tomorrow, January 15.