Carmina not a fan of scary movies

    Carmina Villarroel
    Carmina Villarroel

    Actress Carmina Villarroel is no fan of scary films.

    At the press con of “Sunod,” the Metro Manila Film Festival entry of Globe Studios and Ten17P, Carmina admitted there was even a time she felt she was very perceptive when it comes to ghosts and was being followed by spirits.

    It all changed when she had the twins, 18-year-old Mavy and Cassy.

    “Nung nag-asawa na ako at nagka-anak, nawala na,” she said.

    While shooting the film, she admits there were some unnatural occurrences – like light bulbs bursting and a part of the roof falling – while they were shooting at the Quezon Institute. There did not make her think twice about making the film. In fact, Carmina is very excited about her return to the big screen – in a leading role for an MMFF entry, no less – that she immediately gave her yes to the movie as soon as she read the script.

    Director Carlo Ledesma said they made sure to follow precautions so that they would appease the spirits. Even Carmina followed rituals, like wearing red underwear, against the supernatural.

    In “Sunod,” Carmina is Olivia, a mom desperate to see her only child, played Krystal Brimner, get well. She takes a job at a call center, where she encounters a ghost, played by Red Bustamante.

    “Sunod” is directed by Carlo Ledesma and also stars Mylene Dizon, Susan Africa, Kate Alejandrino and JC Santos.