Cainta teener is youngest bet for Miss Philippine Youth 2020

    Marielle Casingal Lim
    Marielle Casingal Lim

    HAPPY New Year dear readers! We start 2020 with a fresh face and the youngest contestant for this year’s search for Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth, the long-running pageant that aims to showcase the beauty, talent and skills of teens that will help them contribute positive influence among the younger generations.

    Meet Marielle Casingal Lim, one of the 25 official contestants for Miss Philippine Youth 2020:

    “I would like to promote the welfare of animals,” Marielle told the members of the screening committee when asked about her advocacy. “Animals are vulnerable. They do not have a voice. That is why they need someone who will speak for them. I want to be their voice.”

    As a Grade 10 student of the International Learning Academy in Cainta, 15-year-old Marielle strives for balance in her studies and other extra-curricular activities. She maintains a busy schedule.

    Marielle was a model for Star Entertainment Production & Talent Management founded by Miss Rose Jorta. In addition to her rigorous training in modeling, she also did some photoshoots. In school, she is a varsity of volleyball and a swimmer. She also loves doing ice skating and playing different instruments like guitar, ukulele, and kalimba. Despite all these, she continues to be part of the honor roll and does not neglect her time for herself and her family and friends and her dog Buddy. But most of all, Marielle is a God-fearing and loving daughter.

    Marielle acknowledges that everything is a gift from above and without God everything is in vain, including beauty.

    The Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth 2020 finals will be held this Sunday at Tanghalang Pasigueño in Pasig.

    The search for Binibining Pilipinas 2020, Miss Universe Philippines 2020, and Miss Philippines Earth are now open, with online applications for interested young ladies wanting to be the next national beauty queens. The next weeks and months will definitely be exciting in Philippine pageantry.

    Mutya Pilipinas is also making a big announcement today along with the sendoff for Tyra Goldman for Top Model of the World in Egypt and the homecoming of April Short from Monaco where she made it as a top 12 finalist for World Top Model.