Bolzicos, Youngs reveal joys and fears of caring for kids


    AFTER all the excitement of welcoming their firstborns sometimes come the myriad worries of new parents.

    The arrival of daughter Thylane Katana into the lives of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico has turned their lives upside down. The two delight in the caring of their beautiful blessing, who arrived first of January, but they also admit to sometimes feeling inadequate to meet some of the possible emergencies that might occur, in spite of attending classes – including for first aid – before Thylane’s birth.

    Slater Young and Kryz Uy-Young, who welcomed Scott Knoa three months ago, also share the same concerns. The couple recently revealed that they have realized that their industrial-style Skypod – which has an impressive pool in the middle – is not exactly the most ideal setting for a soon-to-be active toddler.

    “We have not baby-proofed our home,” said the Youngs.

    At the “Tea Time with the Bolzicos” event hosted by AIA Philam Life on Monday, the Bolzicos and Youngs were able to listen to Kelvin Ang, Philam Life’s Chief Executive Officer, and Tennyson Paras, Philam Life head of Products, who shared how they were struck by unfortunate life events, which underlined the need to be prepared for eventualities.

    Ang was only 14 when he lost his dad. Being the eldest child, he had to take on odd jobs to help his mother with the family’s finances. Now that he has his own family, he made sure, early on, to secure the future of his son and wife by getting life insurance. He wishes everyone to enjoy the same peace of mind that insurance brings.

    Paras, also a family man, recalled receiving a panicked call from his wife because their daughter Stella had to be rushed to the hospital after having a seizure.

    “When Stella had to be hospitalized, my mental calculator kicked in. Confinement, plus doctor fees, etc. and we took her to St Luke’s so you can just imagine the expense,” he said, “I was already computing. Lucky that the company I work for has a good medical plan but I how about the people who are not protected by the company they work for?”

    Paras talked about how it is important for everyone, parents especially, to be ready. AIA Med-Assist, he explained, has benefits available to 0-17-year olds which helps parents protect their children and finances against health-related risks. It covers 90% of in-patient hospitalization and other medical expenses.

    “We have to become more conscious of health and security,” said Paras, “All of us one step ahead of SAD – sickness accident and disease.”

    The Bolzicos and Young agree. They see the value and the wisdom in being steps ahead.

    “That’s one thing off our minds,” said Kryz.