Bitoy tests positive for COVID-19


    Michael V. – or Bitoy to his fans – took to YouTube to document what happened to him since his last YouTube video on July 14.

    In his vlog titled “Positive,” he said he immediately went to the doctor and took medicines after experiencing flu-like symptoms during that video shoot.

    He admitted to feeling concerned, especially after losing his sense of smell.

    He was supposed to shoot for a commercial at home, said the “Bubble Gang” mainstay, but because of his symptoms, it did not push through. He said he and his wife will get tested and asked for prayers from his followers.

    “Sana nga wala, sana ito nga ay one of those lang,” he said.

    “For the past few months since nagsimula ang pandemic, we’ve been very strict. Yung social distancing talagang pina practice namin, ‘yung PPEs when we go out and interact with other people, pagka lumalabas kami, normally nga halos wala talaga kaming labas, very very minimal yung times na lumabas kami.

    “I’m still at a loss for what to expect,” he also added.

    Aside from the fear, Bitoy talked about the feeling of isolation.

    “Honestly, I’m worried not just for myself, but also for my family,” he admitted.

    “My wife’s coming with me, and she’ll have herself tested din. Most of the time isolated din siya from our kids.

    “Nakakainis ispin na ang lapit lapit nila, nasa kabilang kwarto lang, and yet, hindi mo sila mayakap, hindi mo sila mahalikan,” he related.

    He was emotional during the video, describing his symptoms of body pains and loss of smell and urging his followers not to go out.

    “I feel bad, hopefully we’ll get through this.

    “Hopefully we’ll be ok,” he said, wiping tears.

    He documented his swabbing, showing how a cotton tip was inserted in his mouth and his nostril. He said it took five months.

    On his sixth day, he showed that he was in home quarantine in his home studio. He and his wife stayed in different parts of the house.

    On the eighth day since experiencing symptoms, he received the results saying that he was positive of the virus.

    “We’ve been through worse,” he said.