Binibining Pilipinas season for 2021 begins with nat’l costume photo exhibit


    THE Binibining Pilipinas season officially opens in 2021 with the photo exhibit of the candidates in their national costumes.

    From January 22 to 31, the photos of the Binibinis will be displayed at the Gateway Mall while from February 1 to 14, they will be showcased at Ali Mall. Let’s take a quick look at two of them.

    Vickie Rushton (Binibining Pilipinas 36) from Negros Occidental pays tribute to her heritage by drawing inspiration from the Magellan Birdwing butterfly, named after Ferdinand Magellan.

    This butterfly is one of the largest of its species in the world and it can be found in the Philippines. Vickie has always been fascinated with butterflies symbolizing resiliency, change and new beginnings and it is a perfect representation of her life and pageant journey.

    The base of the costume is handpainted with intricate patterns, vectors and vibrant colors that best represents one of the most celebrated festival in Negros Occidental – the “Minuluan Festival,” a celebration of the bravery, heroism and glorious life of peace-loving Taliseños. It is carefully embellished with thousands of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and gems. With painstaking procedure of combining more than 20 colors of crystals by hand, it became a challenge because of its scale.

    This colorful and festive national costume was created by Jomar Peralta of the House of Victoria.

    Maureen Montagne (Binibining Pilipinas 11) from Batangas dons “Lakanates,” a reflection of Batangas’ rich history, culture and resources that make the province an economic power in Southern Tagalog.

    Evidenced by the Calatagan pot, Batangas antedates the Hispanic influence as it had already thrived as small Lakanates scattered in its plains and high grounds. Long before the Spanish colonization, these Lakanates were already producing their own food like rice and coconuts that abound in its plains and have been harvesting the bounty of its seas.

    Batangas, in the 14th century, was already trading with China, India and the Indonesian kingdoms as evidenced by archeological diggings that have yielded quaint pieces of jewelry, porcelain dishes and jars from different Chinese dynasties. As such, this costume, created by Nick Guarino Festivali Designs & Concepts, strives to incorporate these historical and cultural dimensions into a stunning masterpiece. A bold statement that tells the past, the present and the future of the beautiful province of Batangas.

    Batangas will forever have an unforgettable 2020 having experienced both volcanic eruption and the pandemic.

    The Binibining Pilipinas Photo Exhibit thanks Raymond Saldaña Photography and Henry Reyes HGR Events and Sabrosas for the sets.