Beauty Gonzales is dubbed ‘Queen of Sardines’

    Beauty Gonzales
    Beauty Gonzales

    Generations of Filipino families have fond memories of Ligo Sardines, a staple that has nourished households for 65 years. As it welcomes another year of Pinoy klasik goodness, it continuously grows its family and brings new and exciting variants to satisfy the Pinoy palate.

    Inspired by this promise, Ligo launches actress Beauty Gonzales as the country’s “Queen of Sardines.” She now joins Ligo’s real-life power couple Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana as the third member of the Ligo family.

    Ligo Vice President for Advertising and Promotion Macky Tung thinks that the “Kadenang Ginto” star is the obvious choice for the title. “Her bubbly personality and dedication to her craft and family make her an everyday queen,” he says. “Just like a royal figure, she stays on top of everything she does, including serving only the best to her family.”

    As part of the campaign, Gonzales stars in an online series entitled “Nakalaya sa Kadena,” which highlights four fresh flavors of Ligo Sardines: Calamansi, Fried Sardines in Oyster Sauce, Fried Sardines in Portuguese Style, and Sriracha.

    This playful take on storytelling lies at the heart of Ligo’s legacy. Since 1954, the Tung family has been creating quality yet affordable products that quickly grew throughout the years. With the addition of the Queen of Sardines to the Ligo family, the klasik brand is expected to leave Filipinos with more great memories of meals shared together.

    The Nakalaya sa Kadena series is now streaming on Ligo’s Facebook and Youtube pages.