‘Beautiful Scars’ singer-composer Maximillian impressed by Moira


    Back in 2019, Danish artist Maximillian released “Beautiful Scars,” a soulful, alternative pop track dedicated to “all the people who sometimes don’t feel good enough.” Described as a song “for those seeking that little extra nudge of encouragement every day,” Maximillian wrote the track to remind listeners (and himself) to love themselves just as much as they love the people closest to them. “We all have beautiful scars, and [we all] can relate to [the song] in some way. It helped me when I needed it,” Maximilian said.

    True enough, “Beautiful Scars” topped charts and became a triple-platinum single in the Philippines last year with more than 45 million streams on Spotify in 2020 alone. It’s only apt to renew 2020’s anthem of self-love for the new year. This time, Maximillian added more feels into the chart-topping track with the sweet, calming voice of our very own award-winning singer-songwriter, Moira Dela Torre.

    “[When I first heard about the news], I was thrilled,” Moira said. “This is my first international collaboration, and I’m so grateful for Max and his team for letting me sing on this track with him.”

    The pandemic did not stop the creative drive of the two artists to make this wonderful collaboration happen. Like everything else, the production process was purely done virtually.

    “I was talking back and forth with my team about how we could show appreciation for all the love and support I received in 2020 from the Philippines,” Max said. “I got introduced to Moira on a Zoom call, and she told me the great news that she would be featuring on a re-release of ‘Beautiful Scars.’ I was introduced to [Moira’s] music a few months back and thought her voice sounded like one of an angel! We sent recordings back and forth until we were satisfied with the finished product. [It was] super fun! She’s such a sweet person and I’m super stoked we made this collaboration!”

    Maximillian and Moira dela Torre’s “Beautiful Scars” (Acoustic) are on Spotify and Apple Music.