Artists sing to uplift Filipino spirit


    EVERY help – big or small – counts and matters.

    GMA Artist Center talents used their voices to give praises and uplift the Filipino spirit via the “Prayer for Generosity” in this troublesome time brought by the global pandemic COVID-19.

    Bianca Umali, Hannah Precillas, Crystal Paras, and Matt Lozano gathered together to record a song and spark inspiration.

    GMA’s stable of stars has been tirelessly devoting their time, effort, and talent through a series of performances done live on social media to bring entertainment among its loyal fans and at the same time raise funds to those affected by the pandemic.

    With the help of GMA Kapuso Foundation, their advocates and artists have been gaining various kinds of assistance from people, corporations and other outlets which enabled them to extend support to frontliners and affected areas of this lethal threat.

    This gesture of the talent management arm of GMA urges the public to be generous and reiterates that now more than ever is the time to be united. It aims to encourage those who have the capacity to lend a helping hand and assure them that all their labor is not in vain.

    Bianca shared that this experience was fulfilling for her, “Shooting this gave me such an amazing feeling. I felt good and happy. This song was just a simple gesture, pero galing sa puso.”

    She added a reminder for people to spread love, “Kaya natin ito. Magmahalan tayo. This too shall pass. Pagsubok lang ‘to, Pilipino tayo, Papa God is with us.”

    Hannah, on the other hand, had a realization while recording this, “It is time for us to learn and do things without expecting anything in return. This is not just the usual prayer that we ask for everyday. It is more of asking for your own enlightenment but the benefit is not only for yourself but also for the people around you that you were able to help.”

    For Crystal, she wishes everyone to find refuge in prayer, “What’s most important is that it’s heartfelt and solemn. I want everyone to keep hanging on, to turn to their families and most especially to God. I hope that they find comfort in prayer and in the company of their families. Kaunting tiis na lang po, magiging okay din po ang lahat.”

    Meanwhile, Matt took this project as an opportunity to give back, “Knowing I’ll be doing this song with my fellow Kapuso artists, it inspired me to play and share this to everyone. I always wanted to play music since I was a kid and this is the right moment to give hope to those who are in need during this trying time with a song and a prayer.”