Alice loves role as Dennis Trillo’s first wife


    ‘I welcome it and I find Muslim culture really quite fascinating. – Alice Dixson’

    ALICE Dixson is happy to be back before the camera playing Dennis Trillo’s first wife in GMA-7’s new series, “Legal Wives.” She was last seen on TV in the GMA soaps “Madrasta” and “Beautiful Justice.” While waiting for her next acting assignment, she got busy doing stories for her own YouTube vlog. Recently, her viewers were treated to a virtual tour of her home in Boracay, where she now stays with her partner who works in a big hotel in the island.

    They have been together for seven years now but she won’t even reveal his name as he’s a very low profile, private person. All she will mention is his initials: GS. She divides her time between Manila and Boracay. Their house is big and offers a breathtaking view of the sea from her balcony. Alice says she can hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore at night.

    Her partner is very liberal and allows her to do lock-in taping for “Legal Wives.” “He knows I love acting so he allows me to work kahit magkakalayo kami ng three weeks as I have to stay in our location during the duration of the taping for safety purposes,” she said.

    She loves her role as Dennis Trillo’s Muslim first wife in “Legal Wives.” “My name is Almirah Macadato,” she said. “I’ve lived for a while in Dubai and Qatar so, more or less, may alam na ako about Muslim lifestyle. But for ‘Legal Wives,’ we really had to learn more about their culture, so we can play our characters more convincingly. I welcome it and I find Muslim culture really quite fascinating. Maganda ang pagkakasulat ng script. After all the conflicts between the three wives of Dennis, it reveals that no matter what your religion is, it still all boils down to your family and the values that you have.”


    Kokoy De Santos is touted as the breakout star of the pandemic era after his online BL (Boys’ Love) series, “Game Boys,” hit it big worldwide and is now even going to be shown streaming on Netflix. His star really shone brighter and he now has many fans club who keep on posting his latest photos and activities in various social media platforms.

    After “Game Boys,” he was featured in another BL series on a streaming channel, “Oh Mando,” but we’re glad that he now has a new project where he is paired with a female co-star. This is in TV5’s “Stay-in Love,” where he is paired with Maris Racal, seen on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. We’re happy for Kokoy as this project will help him to be not just identified with gay shows but with more mainstream projects. How does he feel about this?

    “Happy kasi kailangan lagi ng bagong flavor,” he said at the show’s Zoom press con. “Dapat mag-try ng ibang putahe naman. I’m thankful sa lahat ng kasama ko sa ‘Stay-in Love,’ lalo si Maris, at ang director naming si Direk Rod [Marmol] kasi malaking tulong sila para gabayan ako kung paano ko titimplahin nang tama ‘yung character ko as Mon.”

    He feels so blessed that other actors are jobless but he is always busy with one project after another. “Sobrang thankful talaga ako. Feeling blessed talaga yung salitang best na makakapag-describe sa nararamdaman ko ngayon. It’s overwhelming nga, kasi sino ba naman ang makakaisip na kung kailan may pandemya, doon pa ako magkakaroon ng maraming proyekto. Kaya marami talagang salamat kay Lord.”


    Andrea Torres has been missing in action in social media since she and Derek Ramsay have admitted that they’ve parted ways. Now, after a two-week absence, she’s back in her IG account with a photo of herself looking so beautiful, as if saying she’s doing just fine, moving on and still looking good after the breakup.

    The response to her photo is very positive, not only from the general public but even from her showbiz friends like Max Collins, LJ Reyes, Ruru Madrid, etc. who all said she’s so “maganda” and Ruru even said she is now his girlfriend, but we all know it’s a joke since he’s very much into Bianca Umali, even if they have yet to admit their romantic relationship.

    But her fans are even more vocal in writing such favorable comments as: “You look so gorgeous after the breakup.” “Glad to see you back and looking ravishing. ‘Yan ang pinakawalan niya. Magdusa siya.” “Sa ganda mong ‘yan, you will later find a new love that you truly deserve!”

    Because she and Derek both refuse to reveal the real reason of their split, there are now many speculations about what the cause could be. Someone said the real reason is it’s because Andrea won’t go to bed with Derek without a wedding and Derek said he’s not yet ready to get married. A kibitzer says this proves that Derek is not just the marrying kind, which is not true since he was married before to Mary Cristine Jolly, the mother of his teenage son, Austin. As for Andrea, life goes on for as she’s now back to work in “Legal Wives” with Dennis Trillo.