Alden is all about health and fitness


    YOU would not know it looking at the buff and chiseled Alden Richards, but there was a time the actor did not really put much thought about taking care of his health and physique.

    That was many years before he answered the call of the klieg lights. Now, the 28-years-old is all about health and wellness. Especially because of the pandemic, he admits that he has been taking extra care of himself – not just by taking care of his body but also making sure his psyche is ok.

    Alden said that during the lockdown, he grew restless and also depressed. The sought-after actor, who would usually juggle several projects at the same time, had to learn to cope with not doing anything and also the fear of the pandemic and its effects on people he holds dear.

    Realizing that he had to help himself before he can take care of others, he decided to fortify his immunity, continue with his workouts, make sure he ate healthy, and is taking extra care of his mental well-being.

    It’s no wonder he has been getting a lot of projects lately that is about wellness and fitness. During the lockdown, he landed four or five new endorsements, including BFCLab’s Cosmo Cee.

    “The brand and BFCLab are truly excited about partnering with Alden who is a perfect complement to the Cosmo Cee brand, He is authentic and truly committed to living the quintessential healthy lifestyle. Immunity and Total Wellness are already an important part of his life with a strong connection to nature which is at the heart of Cosmo Cee,” said Niño Bautista, BFCLab founder and managing director.

    “At Cosmo Cee, we are passionately dedicated to helping millions of people live a healthier and happier life. Alden is an example of what we stand for and will help inspire our communities to do so with the active lifestyle he embodies,” Red Gatus, BFCLab co-founder, added

    “Immune strength should be our top priority,” stated Alden. “That’s why it’s so important to get the essential nutrients and Vitamins that support immune health from reputable manufacturers who use research-backed potencies. To function effectively, your immune system needs the basics. It’s important to maintain a base line of wellness: eat right, stay active, hydrate, get enough sleep, and get a perfect supplement that can help support your immune function. The Cosmo Cee message of ‘living well to feel better’ aligns with my personal goals. I am happy to be part of a company that shares these core values.”

    “We are looking forward to drawing out the core philosophy of our premium natural Vitamin C combined with the aspirations of living a better life and achieving one’s personal goals.

    Through Alden’s role we will work together to educate the consumer on how to properly boost the immunity and fight the disease-causing viruses and bacteria through the help of Cosmo Cee,” Nino also said.

    Cosmo Cee is specifically formulated with Citrus Bioflavonoids Plus Sodium Ascorbate to support the immune system by providing the all-natural Vitamin C the body needs under physical or emotional stress.