A story of loss and embracing ‘bubog’


    By Reggee Bonoan

    Few are aware that there are tears behind the smiling eyes of Bernadette Sembrano.

    The “TV Patrol” anchorwoman is known for her sunny demeanor. She has always been cheerful and has managed to sound optimistic even during the closure of ABS-CBN or as relates how she composed her Christmas song, “Yakapin ang Pasko.”

    That is why she surprised everyone last December 8 when she posted the following:

    “BUBOG. Lahat tayo may bubog. It took a while before I decided to post this – I ask myself, ‘How much should One reveal?’ Today is a special day because December 8 (Immaculate Conception) was the day that Molly, our Daughter was officially ‘implanted.’ We lost her 9 weeks after. We do have a daughter and she inspired me to live a life of honoring and remembering.

    “To all those who shared their stories, their pains with me and the World through our reports. Thank you. I listened and you changed me. Salamat po. May we continue to inspire each other my prayer has always Been Lord. Take charge of the desire in my Heart.

    If you do Not Will Something for us – I surrender my will. GIVE ME THE GIGIL TO DO YOUR WILL.”

    In a video, she related the story of her daughter, Mary Olivia or Molly. She said she and husband Emilio Aguilaldo LV underwent in vitro fertilization and got confirmation that it was successful on December 8, 2018. Nine weeks later, she suffered a miscarriage. That loss led to a profound change in her life.

    “But anyway, we lost Molly. But in my heart, I knew that the way that I could honor Molly and remember her is if I live a life I wish for her – which is a life saying yes to a lot of things, a life serving, and in my case, music.

    “I started serving sa chapel kasi matagal ko ng pangarap na mag-serve sa simbahan pero nako-conscious ako kaya hindi ko nagawa-gawa and I guess a lot of the things about my journey sa music begun when I started saying YES to a lot of things.

    “Ang today, I’ll take Molly (glancing at a white box with a white figurine of a child) with me and I also take Papa with me.

    Bernadette also opened up about her father’s death last year. Another painful experience – “bubog” as she terms it – that she has chosen to celebrate. Instead of wallowing and instead of forgetting, she has turned to music to embrace the pain and honor the people she has lost. She confessed that she shares her journey with those who themselves have experienced deep cuts in their hearts and souls.

    “Another important part of our performance today ay dahil dala ko rin ang bubog ng maraming tao na ibinahagi sa akin sa ating trabaho, so kasama kayo at kaya ako nakapagsusulat ay dahil sa mga bubog na alam ko namang ay hindi naman mananatiling bubog. May lyrics akong sinusulat na naman na itong mga bubog na nagniningning dahil sa liwanag po ni God, dahil sa liwanag ng pagmamahal ng iba. Embrace our bubog and let us shine! B-Namnam,” she said, ending her post with her signature expression.