A series about Generation Z written by Gen Z students


    TV5 introduces several young stars who will breathe life into characters about their generation in the coming-of-age series “Gen Z.”

    “Gen Z” is a family drama that promises an inside look at how the younger generation navigates through the ins and outs of daily life and at the same time show the older generations how to connect and better understand them. Produced by Cignal Entertainment, Inc. with Regal Entertainment Inc., it stars Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza, Ricci Rivero, Melizza Jimenez, Chie Filomeno, Kent Gonzales, and Darwin Yu.

    The story portrays Gen Z’s struggles and aspirations. Jerome and Kent play brothers Jojo and Kiko, respectively. They enter adulthood with their friends Matet (Oineza) and Rico (Yu). Part of their barkada are the rebellious wildheart Gina (Filomeno); and upper class sweethearts Migo (Rivero) and Michelle (Jimenez). “Gen Z” will give light to how each character deals with life’s struggles while striving to achieve their ambitions and its impact on their relationships with their family and friends.

    “Gen Z” will also highlight the diverse yet deeply interconnected stories of these characters as they take on bigger responsibilities while dealing with persons in society they may not fully agree with. The series will likewise touch on the different dynamics of families and the characters’ perseverance in making their current situations better for themselves and their loved ones, which makes it even more relatable across diverse generations. Joining the young cast are veteran actors led by Joey Marquez, Angeli Bayani, and Teresa Loyzaga. Joining the young cast are veteran actors led by Joey Marquez, Angeli Bayani, and Teresa Loyzaga.

    The show is a real-life depiction of the struggles and priorities of the Gen Zs and how they relate with their families, fresh from the point of view of its Gen Z writers, students from College of Saint Benilde under writer-director Joey Reyes’ mentorship. With authentic portrayal of the kids’ shared values and individuality, it is definitely one of the more exciting shows to watch out for this year.

    Get your weekly dose of the in-your-face and no-nonsense youth crew. “Gen Z” premieres March 7 and will air every Sunday, 9 p.m. on TV5. Catchup episodes will also air every Sunday, 6 p.m., starting March 14 on One Screen Cignal TV CH.9 and SatLite CH. 35. “Gen Z” can also be watched live and on demand on Cignal Play App. You can stream every episode for free just register on cignalplay.com and download the app on Android and iOS.