A beloved contravida

    Dimples Romana
    Dimples Romana

    Of the many actresses who torment the leads on the big and small screens, there is one who remains lovable – Dimples Romana.

    Even if she sometimes turns so vile viewers love to hate her, the actress continues to exude charm, especially because fans know how caring and hands-on she is as Boyet Ahmee’s wife and mom to two children.

    On social media, people see her as she truly is. It’s no wonder she was recently tapped to be the ambassador of CDO Premium Holiday Ham.

    Dimples, however, claims that she has always been a fan of the noche Buena staple.

    “Hindi buo and Christmas handa naming kapag wala ang CDO Premium Holiday Ham,” she says, “’Yung salo-salo na sama- sama kayo, magdarasal kayo, kakain kayo, parang parte na rin talaga to have that ham there.”

    It’s a tradition that is kept alive in their homes, with the Ahmees and Romanas all sharing in the wonderful feast during the most special season.

    “We make it a point (to be together) no matter how busy we are,” she states.

    Their gatherings usually revolve around a theme.

    “Minsan Pinoy, minsan Spanish, pero ang hindi nababago, ‘yung CDO Premium Holiday Ham. Favorite siya no matter what theme we do for Christmas,” relates Dimples.

    The actress is not afraid to say that she is choosy when it comes to what she serves her family. CDO makes the cut, explains Dimples, because it is made of tender pork pigue and has a delicious smoky flavor with pineapple sweetness.

    “You don’t need to bother boiling CDO Premium Holiday Ham in pineapple juice as it has already been cooked in the sweet indulgence of pineapple,” says Dimples.

    She is no fan of extenders and, of course, she makes sure the meat is guaranteed ASF-safe.

    For this coming Christmas, the screen’s beloved contravida goes all out in the kitchen.

    “Hindi ko alam if it’s the Kapampangan in me, bukod sa masarap akong magluto, masarap din akong kumain. Iba kasi kapag ine-enjoy mo talaga. It shows how passionate you are about things. Not only for food but for life. Alam mong ine-enjoy mo ang buhay mo at kumakain ka ng gusto mong kainin at nasi-share mo sa pamilya mo,” she relates.